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It was dark and I felt hooked; the menstontutator was taking over and it had only just been over a week and I felt hypnagogic. My school teacher Mr Georgeton told me that he'll never be defeated by the menstontutator and I asked why. He said that he had been forced by friends to give in to the menstontutator and he accepted. But he took 'it'. A few days after there was a rumour that Mr Georgeton had a car accident.
According to my friends I was idiosyncratic, but not in a good way, they had already given in to the menstontutator; I had not.
Last night I had seen myself, I was covered in dirt and I was face to face with the menstontutator his putrid eyes staring maliciously, continuously into my soul, I fainted. I heard a sound that would look lugubrious, a soul sounding whisper capturing my insides.

The gift arrived, it came in a paper cover and looked suspiciously old. I felt relieved but I have no explanations why, I just feel it somewhere inside me. I did not open the gift, I wanted to wait; I needed to defeat the menstontutator. Quickly, scurrying I fled and towards the dark airy scent of the menstontutator, I didn't feel scared at all I had courage.
We had been split into groups and as individuals the elite team had to choose others, or they would get killed. I got chosen, not killed, thankfully. Moss is now one of my new allies and is a friend (probably the only one I have now) ; I have thanked Moss ever since as there were a few people that had not been chosen and therefore killed we mourned as my friend Demor had not been chosen and had died. Today I am suffering deep depression and having nightmares of the choosing day. It still struck me, a few weeks ago I had just been a normal kid and I had no idea
What on earth the menstontutator was but now life is different and it is follow the menstontutator or die I cannot submit to him and yet I am still not dead, it is all luck. The next day was hard and I struggled against the menstontutator's grasp it wasn't too bad until I heard the scream, it was unlike any other scream that I had heard before but it was quiet but so near I came nearer but it became fainter as I came closer, it was weird.

I am really sorry I forgot to introduce myself to you, I am a girl.
You were probably not expecting me to be a girl but my name is Xanthe I am 14, suffer deep dark depression and I have had it for two whole years already. I was twelve and my friend Julia and I were going to school early for a test we had and the bus got stuck in traffic; we did what any sensible girls would do: we went straight to the train station with gigantic speed but our speed may have had been way too much as Julia fell down. I heroically attempted to dive down to get her but it was too late she got smashed and all that was left was our friendship necklace.
At the funeral we wept as we heard dreadfully sad pierianic words. Julia had come from a big villatic farm with an enormous natatorium that I used to swim in occasionally. Soon I started to weep, I felt sad with a jolt that just struck me I was not knowing anything would be so bad until then, that is when my depression began. I now kind of understand depression, it goes on and off though sometimes it strikes me and is more powerful. This may have been the problem, I have seen many, what I call hallucinations I remember Julia every day but my challenge is to forget.
There are two problems in my life, depression and the menstontutator. To succeed this I have to do what is right I need to help my people through life.
The people depend on me I am their only hope, if they didn't have me they would be dead real soon. I looked out into the night sky and a big gegenschein.
I found I note that lay tight hidden by an old mottled stone that had grow by some form of selenotropism, it read: Will your insides out, and pull yourself up the gegenschein.
I kinda didn't realise that it wasn't meant literally, so I actually pulled my insides out, it got messy. When the menstontutator came back everything needed adjustments, strange things could happen. I still wasn't completely used to all of these change cause it hadn't been to long since the M ( Menstontutator) had arrived and cursed the entire land for billions of acres.
It was a while until i recovered from the inside-out incident, I went back to see the gegenschein but it wasn't there. I looked from all angles but it still remained hidden, unseen, gone.
I still didn't know what would happen if I did go up the gegenschein so it may have been good that I hadn't gone up, it may just have had been a nasty trick by the M. There has been a rumour that a man that was walking up a steep sloped hill when he found a grave with odd markings on it, by next day he had figured out what the strange markings meant and apparently there was 50,000 pounds down there. When he had reached around twenty yards down he suddenly felt a jer.k, and heard the sound of wood against gold when M reached out and gobbled him up.

Crash the sound of three cops behind me, (under influence of the M obviously), were coming after me. I started to run but my feet stayed glued to the ground my anger bulged inside and with powerful force that I didn't think I had gave me the power to run. A sprinted away just in time, the cops tripped over each other and fell to the ground. I bashed them up because I knew that they couldn't ever change back. I walked away. With great astonishment the cops stood up and tackled me to the ground. I lay unconscious for three days taken in with great care, then it struck me; I was under great care, no one was kind anywhere anymore because they were all under the M's power. How was I being cared of I was a fugitive, I opened my Eyes and snapped into reality. Right I front of me stood the M.
There was a smell of a house that had been recently painted with green paint that looked white. He didn't look like the M that I knew, he looked clean. I stared and stared at this new M until he spoke. "I am not M I am Centrvós the leader of the rebellion against the M." Okay I thought this is new, now there is Centrvós which will lead the rebellion. I thought I was the only one but it turns out, no. Centrvós and the rebels told me all that they knew that their spies told them: The M was taking over. All of his slaves were speechless and spoke gibberish but were all taken captive in a town (prison) called Kinwoster which had a high palace where the M stayed, apparently guards had small huts where they made sure that the mindless, du.mb form of humans stood with nothing to do just acting like babies, stayed where they were and didn't accidentally walk off. The 'Humans' couldn't escape (They were too dum.b). The spies figured out that there was no chance that we could change all of the slaves unless we broke the M's power source the enamel coloured Antostrívor, which is guarded with great intensity. I looked further into the information that was taken in by the newest spies, the slaves were taken on a train every fortnight to keep them fit for working as slaves. With an amazing amount of virtuosity I decided to go and attempt to save the slaves from the M's grasp.
I discovered that it was every second Tuesday well, I didn't find out I had like a Good Guess and I thought that it would be probably a Tuesday. Today was Sunday, two days till my I would try and attempt to save the slaves.
I was preparing for the breakaway of all of the slaves and attempting to destroy the Anstrívor.
Collecting the basic paraphernalia to go on this dangerous, life risking excursion. First I needed to get the brief essentials, I can't go without food. Food was a need, before I went I decided to eat a bit so that I wouldn't run out of supplies I fletcherize my food with pigritude. I attempted to go but before I went Centrvós stopped me and gave me a box that was in a paper cover and looked suspiciously old. Then there was a susurrus, it then struck me that I had gotten an exact replica of this before. "Um I think that, err, I already have one of these, things? At home..." I stammer,
"Well that is probably because I brought it for you because I thought hat you forgot it. By the way I gave it to you in the first place." He replied. "Ok if you think that I need it I will bring it."
With that I walked away.
I hurriedly, but sadly ran to escape the pure new scented house of the Centrvós and started to journey to the train.

The Train

There were very few plants and those of them were dying, old, brown and sad. I decided to hurry before the plants feelings, became emotions. The plants seemed to gnaw at my head seeming to say "we need help" although I was hurrying they kept bringing me down. I stopped and realised,somewhere in my conscious brain that half of this week were hallucinations but I didn't know which. Suddenly a flash of red blurred last my face, then it disappeared.
The train was here.


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