The MatHS Team Collab!



I don’t know why…


probably because they want our attention justignore them

but i have to go


Ok, bye!


Oribi hacked into MatHS?!

@WynterDiamond I do think that she has a guessing machine


She hacked into the MathsHS team
Not the MatHS Team
I think two different people made the accounts


Is that the one that JonnyGamer made, and put the password in a project? I see don’t see how else they could’ve gotten in, unless they are in the collab, or someone in the collab told them.


No, I believe they hacked the one Hermione made…

Oribi is an extremely good password guesser. Or she used some password guessing program


Or she’s apart of the club and is secretly stalking all of us and has access to the pm

Because there’s know way she couldve figured out my password
I checked my account and there was nothing on it
Maybe she got the other one, except that’s impossible because of the extremely encrypted password


Yep, guessing the password is highly unlikely.

Anyone know if Hopscotch has protection against brute forcing a password? (typing in random passwords until you get it right) If it doesn’t, THT should add it, so that’s not a thing.


Yeah, I don’t think they have a brute force check (I was trying to figure out a pass of my old account). What they need to do if the password was guess incorrectly 10 times, it should come up with a screen that says, email me the password or something of the like. Anyways, they really need to implement that. It would definitely be helpful

I think that they did not guess the password as it is highly unlikely. (It would take 100 years for a top precision computer to brute force it. Even more time since the hacker probably isn’t wasting their supercomputer on a silly kids coding app.

I think someone who had access to the PM is secretely betraying us.. :thinking:
But who is it.

Btw, what it on Hermione’s account she created? If it was, the person was most definitely on the PM.


Yes, it’s on Hermione’s account

Then she’s part of HCG too. She couldn’t have guessed tSmFpZ as a pass.
Or she’s an extremely good guesser
Or she took the hint “it’s really random” literally and shifted the word random over in the keyboard


I’m pretty sure it’s not the ladder


By the way, it’s 12:45 AM for me rn, so bye! :wave:




But I thought you gave the password to Oribi.. :neutral_face:


That was before we knew that.


So she lied???.. :confused:


yay, u did it




Oh that’s too bad :frowning: