The MatHS Team Collab!



Yeah, I didn't realize @hernione had created an account, so I'll trSh mine
I'll change the name too, so Hermione's can be "The MatHS Team"



I don't want to be getting ahead of myself...

Have you shared the log in details already?


He has.


@Hermione, what are the login details for your account?


Yeah I don't know it either. Can you send a pm?


Aw okay, I will check with @Hermione if we will use this. Then I'll invite everyone to the PM


Oops, I have a typo in that post, I don't think I meant "trash".. hm..
Is there anything on it? Besides the "welcome" project?


I am not sure actually, I will check...

@JonnyGamer there is only an experiment project with Cupcake growing :relaxed: Hmm Hermione's account has an email I I think.

But wow the Welcome project in the account which you created is awesome! More people have logged into that too hmm.


Ok then, I guess Hermione's account would make spore sense


Aw, sorry I edited my comment for what I meant :relaxed:


Oh! I thought it was just words?.. :thinking:
I'd have to go and check now! :smiley:


Ok so should we use my account?


I don't mind which we use :blush:

Okay I will just invite people to the PM too anyway.


Revive.. what happened to this collab?


Can I leave this?
Nothing bad, I just don't have the time with collabs.


That's alright! :smiley: I will move you out of the group, just let us know if you'd like to rejoin.

I was going to comment :slight_smile: a number of people are in the ScotchHop Team Collab too which got hacked. Then there's the summer contest :grin:

I wanted to talk more about the Pascal Triangle clone project too. I've just had a lot on though :cry:


Oh my goodness! Yeah, for some reason we all got really busy. (Especially with the ScotchHop hacking issue)

The Pascal Triangle clone project is going to be amazing once we have time to make it


Hi everyone :smile: I think I will pop around more casually, so I think it would be better not to include me officially in the collab & group for now. But I still would love to just join with whatever discussions you're having and help out :blush: (I love these on the maths category :heart_eyes:)


Have we been working on this?

I haven’t logged in yet but still


Yeah, we haven’t been working on it. Kind of a big bummer, because most of us are really busy