The MatHS Team Collab!



I guess so!
I think it's a pretty cool name :smile:


@Hermione @JonnyGamer I forgot we had this topic :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah! I forgot about it as well


We should probably start this real soon


I had more of an idea for the Pascal Triangle one :smiley: using combinations to calculate the numbers in each row. It's a bit complicated trying to think out how to do that β€” it would need factorials, and then converting each number into binary. And then trying to use that information for the clones...

Snippets of ideas for code...

    set result to 1
    set number to 1
    Repeat times n:
        set result to (result * number)
        increase value number by 1
    return result

(I think?)

    set result to factorial(n) / (factorial(k) * factorial(n-k))
    return result

(these are just initial ideas, not even implementation in Hopscotch yet...) This is from:

And then trying to represent a number in binary...

// Keep subtracting the highest possible power of 2 from the number

This was just for one of the projects, and I was commenting my ideas for it. We absolutely do not have to start with this!


Ooh! Nice! That's some amazing code!
How are the clones going to work?.. :thinking:


:smiley: That's a good question, I was thinking about each clone having a row ID and a column ID. I'm not sure how to incorporate it at this point though yet :thinking:


Am I allowed to edit this post?


I was thinking some more about this:

// Representing a number in binary
// Column number will be the number represented in each column

Set exponent to 0
Repeat while 2^exponent < columnNum
    Increase exponent by 1

Set columnNumBinaryVersion to columnNum // using columnNumBinaryVersion for manipulating during calculations
Set exponentCandidate to exponent
Repeat times (exponent + 1)
    If 2^exponentCandidate <= columnNumBinaryVersion and columnNumBinaryVersion > 0
        Set columnNumBinaryVersion to columnNumBinaryVersion - 2^exponentCandidate
        Set flagBinExponent to exponentCandidate
    Increase exponentCandidate by - 1

// for clones
When self.rowID == flagBinaryExponent
    Set self.on to 1
    Set flagBinExponent to -1

Okay this is terrible coding and naming practices and commenting practices XD

I'm linking this other discussion for reference!


I think you're welcome to add more stuff :smiley:


Has anyone made the fern shape in the Chaos game in HS yet? If not we should definitely try that.


Yes, we definitely should!


I think that sounds cool! I still need to watch the video for it again :thinking: I think I missed it.

Edit: I realise I hadn't watched the whole video the first time around. Wow that fern is awesome!! :scream: that definitely would be fun to start off with!


I don't know I just love thinking about this

More jotted notes


Oh! Awesome!
I just arrived back home from Washington
Should we make a hidden topic to share the password?


Ooh that sounds like it must have been fun!

Hmm I think private topics are not allowed... I don't really know :relaxed:
I was going to comment that an idea is #lounge for concerns with hacking, but we're not all regulars here :thinking:


Hmm, yeah..
Any other ways to keep passwords safe?


Edit an old post and tag whoever you want to share a message with. As long as the post is not the latest in that topic, the topic will not be brought to the top.

MBBC Collaboration Account

Yeah! Sounds good
Or write a secret message in an old post

MBBC Collaboration Account

Yes. That works, also.