The MatHS Team Collab!




Could I join please?


Now I got tempted to search up maths team names :laughing:

  • Maths πrates
  • ÷ and Conquer

The link is 32 funny math team names for credit, but some of the other names are inappropriate


:smiley: of course! just add your name in post 2:


Oh! Divide and Conquer! Criiiinge! :sweat_smile::joy:


Of course!

Ok, did it for you! :ok_hand:


Welcome our newest addition :P to the collab, @svmaddy26!


Is it okay if I'm not on hopscotch over the summer? I will still be on the forum though.


Ah! 2 many math puns!


Yes, that's just fine! :smile:


So I think that The MatHS Team won, right?
We'll w8 4 more people 2 vote
very cringe worthy, I'm sorry :sweat_smile:


Everyone, these are :ok_hand:

New rule: must incorporate ∑ new maths pun into posts every day.

(just joking!!)


Sounds lik∑ a gr∑at id∑a!
No, ∑ is th∑ most common us∑ed l∑tt∑er.. :sweat_smile:


Hehe it does look like an E! And ℯ is indeed the most commonly used letter in English.

It also is used for 'sum' :smiley: Have you heard of this one? (:warning: More puns headed this way :stuck_out_tongue:)

√-1 8 ∑ π
And it was delicious!


Yes! My math teacher wore that shirt!!


:joy: that's cool!

Whoops I think I started going off on a tangent with all these okay, okay, no more :laughing: – but I think I've started getting distracted. although it is maths related, I must remember this topic is for the maths collab!


We need a math puns topic! :sweat_smile:


May I suggest a project on the collab with math puns?


Ooh and then we could collate some of the ones we've been throwing around :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sure! That'd be fun!


So we're going with MatHS Team in the end? That was a kinda uninspired name, lol. I don't mind though :)