The MatHS Team Collab!



I think you’d be good with this collab, have you tried joining it?


No. I don’t actually want to.

Some math things that could be good basis for a project!

Order of operations
Variable expressions
Writing expressions for word phrases
Related equations
Solving problems
Decimals and problem solving
Interpreting expressions


Those sound cool…


How do you add yourself to the list?


Welp, time to break out the welcome:
Hello there, and welcome to the forum!

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You need to add yourself to this list. Since you’re a basic, you can’t do it…but when you become member you can :wink:


can you guys study hexaflexagonssss???


Maybe one of you guys can log into the MatHS collab and publish this Rational Numbers quiz using problems that are taken straight out of my 7th grade math book (I got my math book early because I’m in K12, with credit to me)?

Question 1: 3 + (-7) is?
Answer to Question 1: 3 + (-7) = -4

Question 2: -4 + (-2) is?
Answer to Question 2: -4 + (-2) = -6

Question 3: What kind of solution will -20 + (-13) be when you solve it?
Answer to Question 3: The solution is negative because both addends are negative.

Question 4: How do you solve -25 + 35?
Answer to Question 4: You solve it using a number line.

Remember to credit me! My HS username is heartbreaker :yellow_heart: :broken_heart: (bye) and my forum user is, of course, HappyDolphin.



Click this button and press the "add me"
Thanks! I’m glad you want to join!


OribiJaguarBlueWinfx apparently hacked into this collab :scream:


did s/he god the haclers are so annoying now


She turned it to “SmilingStudios fan club”


Check it out on HS she changed the user

But the password was unguessable


oh god wjy does everyone make "fan accounts"for me😰


I don’t know why…


probably because they want our attention justignore them

but i have to go


Ok, bye!


Oribi hacked into MatHS?!

@WynterDiamond I do think that she has a guessing machine


She hacked into the MathsHS team
Not the MatHS Team
I think two different people made the accounts