The MatHS Team Collab!



##The Math Group!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Math Group Collab!
The name is in the works… Secret message!

In this Collab, we will work on everything mathematical. We will explore math and code awesome projects! We will also create a separate account just for answering math questions. Do you want to join? Add yourself in the next post!


##How to Join

Do you want to join? Add yourself to the list!


We also have a group:


All about our projects

Projects we will work on:

Projects ideas:

  • Fern-like fractal
  • Maths puns

Projects we have published:


How to Enter

The MatHS Team

Not here, dude


I'm trying to think of a pun name, but failing badly. MatHS, maybe?


Lol, idk either

MatHS would be really funny!

The MatHS Group?


We could do something math-related, like multiply, decimal, modulo, cosine


Yeah, we could
Hmmm.. The MatHS Team sounds pretty cool


:sunglasses: puns are cool. I Iike that :laughing: I think @Hermione had some ideas too!


It's a Poll!!
What name would you rather have?

  • The Math Group
  • The MatHS Team
  • The Mathematics
  • The Math Wizards
  • The Math Coders
  • The Numberphilers


Math Group



I saw a place that teaches math I think it's called m A+h something
Get it cause the + is a t and a+


Ooh! That's pretty cool!


Hehe, these puns now remind me of something when one of my teachers was doing a request for mathsy names, I only remember one that a classmate came up with:

  • Add-a-line = Adeline


I choose "The Math Coders". The Math Wizards is a good name, too.


Oh! That's funny! :sweat_smile:
Polly Hedron :smile:


Ooh.. it's a tie! Should I add the OMTL or something?
when I think about it, people might get mad.. :confused:


Maybe you should make another poll for 'The MatHS Team' and 'The Math Wizards'.


The Tie Breaking Poll!

  • The MatHS Team
  • The Math Wizards





Ooh that's another great one :joy:

Maybe we can just wait in case not everyone has seen this yet too :smiley:

Hmm I had not thought about that, I guess it might not concern everyone in there :confused:

And ooh another poll is a great idea @Gobli09


Did you want to join this?
It looks like you added yourself in, but then it disappeared
I added you back in, is that ok?