The Math Tag List



The Math Tag List

I've seen that different categories are making their own Mass Tag List, so here's the math one! Just edit your name into the details to be in it.

Also, the Math Tag List can be used for:
• Competitions
• Hard Problems
• Questions about Math/School
• Help with coding
• Blog Posts
• And Lots More

You can use this Tag List in the following categories:
• Math
• Collabs/Requests/Competitions (preferably math related)
• Open Source Code
• Debug my Code
• Design, Colors, and Sound
• Control Blocks

The Math Tag List


Add yourself in! :grinning:


Awesome idea
Do you know much about sine and cosine
I found a really good article


We just finished our trig section in Algebra 2 :sweat_smile:
Nice article, want to put that on the Want More Math? topic?
That'd be awesome!
(Do you know sine/cos??)


Yep, a lot of it considering i am in pre al


You probably know Soh Cah Toa, then?


Not really is that inverse?


Wolfram Mathworld is great
It help with finding angles and sides


The Math tag list and mass tag list sound alike xO


Lol, it does. That why it's "maths" tag list. A little bit of differentiation. :sweat_smile:


Funny thing with language, that I think 'math' is used in American English and 'maths' for forms of British English/non-American English? :thinking: (we use 'maths' in Australian English along with 'colour' compared to 'color', 'realise' compared to 'realize')

Anyway this is a great idea and thanks for creating this!


I like "maths" for whatever reason
I think there's a Numberphile video about this.
They are British, so they say "maths" a lot


Can we organize it alphabetically?


Sure, sounds good
You're first! Isn't that funny :sweat_smile:


I'm in Algebra. I'm not supposed to be in it based off my age


How old are you? You don't have to tell me, but I know algebra too and I'm 10.


How complex? The Algebra I know is pretty simple, but I am 'just starting'.


I was doing simultaneous equations some time back, then finding equations of lines, now pretty easy stuff. Yet my homework makes it sound complex. Like simplifying


I don't want to sound braggy or snobby.


That makes no sense right now, but if I wanted to do it, I probably could. My brain is odd.


You multiply (-2x) by 3x^4. What if I rewrite the equation: (-2x) X 3x^4.

I think that's how you write the equation with the x to the power of four.


I understood that. I meant the process, sorry, I need need to work on being more specific. XD