The mass tagging "Problem" *Voting Included*


Hey everyone!

This is just my personal opinion so don't take this literally. Lately this tagging thing has gotten pretty annoying... I realize it's used so people can get more attention on thier topics but I think it should stop. First off, tagging was supposed to be used as a fun little feature for credit, asking specific people things, ect. But now ever since @Follow4LikesOfficial posted "the ultimate weapon" as a comment with TONS of tags, the tags have gone outta control! Now I get many people are dissatisfied with 3 comments, but you have to start somewhere! Anyways, thanks for taking your time reading this and let me know what you think.



Isn't it @Follow4LikesOfficial?

  1. Tagging is awesome! No way!
  2. Meh your sorta right...
  3. You are completely right



Yes my bad..


This is a very helpful post

Tagging shouldn't be abused, and the list of tags get annoying


Every weapon has a counterweapon. Let enough voices speak, if they don't like being tagged in this manner. Mass-flag the mass-tag posts. Let nature run its course. Problem solved.


Tagging (in masses) should be flagable


I agree with you


So true. When I get tagged, I end up not reading the conversation. I'll click on something if I like it!


It fits under "spam" since it's basically advertising.




Whenever I get tagged, I usually never end up doing stuff. I'll click on topics if I want to read them.

That said, I'm fine with tagging if it's for polls, but that's basically it.


Tagging is good and bad
The good reason is you can be involved in cool stuff or be invited to awesome topics
The bad reason is it can get annoying if it's a topic that's boring or you don't want to be involved in it


It's cool if people invite certain people, but it's annoying if it's the entire fourm.


I think we all understand and agree with what you said. The issue is not tagging. It is mass-tagging. That's different. It's a mild form of sociopathy. It's when somebody is willing to completely disregard the preferences of an entire population for a moment of attention. What that person probably does not understand yet is that, while it does briefly get them attention, it does not get them the kind of attention they want. Certainly, not from me. :wink:

I will repeat part of what i said above:

Mass-flag the mass-tag posts. Let nature run its course. Problem solved.


Your right, should have worded it differently. :grinning:


Thanks. I strongly agree with you


If you scroll to the bottom of your post, you can invite users.
The bar that says


Well that's a great way to solve this problem...


Half of my notifications are literally just poll tags
I got 32 today