The MÃRŠ Mission update



Today is the day!!! Today I will be releasing the best game ever shown on my channel (CrookedCat6519​:video_game::cat::video_game:) MĀRŠ is a game where you choose the fate, where a man dies, or survives on the planet of Mars. I am so happy to release it today at 6:00 mountain time!!! Check my channel then kittens, and feel free to play...if you find any bugs, or have any questions, please inform me on the forums. Hope you enjoy the game, see you all later!!!

What was your first post?

Can't wait! Also welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forum! I can't wait for the game to come out!


Sounds kinda like 'The Martian!'
Seems really cool! Can't wait to play it!


It is basically the same thing it is awesome that you see the game like that because that is what I was going for!!! :grinning:


Thanks!!! I really am excited too to release it. Let's hope for top featured. :thumbsup:


Did it come out?


Unfortunately MĀRŠ did not come out yesterday due to wifi problems...these are still continuing but it should come out today very soon...If it does not come out, I will post another update. Stay hopeful!!!


I can't wait! Thanks for the update! :smile:


No problem...I am trying hard to get wifi back on


Big game should come out by noon today... I have some sneak peaks to the game here...


Alright guys, Wifi is up... And the game will be posted at 3:00 pm (sorry for the delayed wait) when a I can reach my I-pad...I am checking every nook and cranny for possible gliches or bugs...but over all, it is done...this game has come out ahead of time because I assumed it to be done by November 2016, and I started it in Febuary 2016 so it definitely took a long time, but I think it is worth it. The game is heading for top featured in my opinion...but of course that is up to you guys :wink: Thanks for your continued support and patients.


I can't wait! Can you tag me when it is out?


Definitely will!!! :grinning::thumbsup:


@Dude73 the project has come out if you wanna check it out!!!


Can you put a link?


I can't find it...


Try to refresh on the Hopschotch


I cannot upload for some reason...I have attempted many times to re upload Mars (didn't go through the first time) the game WILL BE posted by tomorrow at the max, no more time...promise


Wow! So astonished THIS was my first post...