The Mansion of Dr. Strange(Story)


Others on the forum have made stories.
I'll be writing my story "The Mansion of Dr. Strange"

Chapter 1 coming soon.


First and first!
Awesome idea!


Chapter 1:

Stargirl, this is @Dude73
Some old guy has moved into that creepy mansion everyones scared of.
I bet he has lots of money because i've seen allot of stuff being delivered there in big trucks all day.
I'm gonna try and sell some chocolates to him. I don't believe those silly stories the old people in town tell about that mansion.
I'll let ya know how many i sell.

(3 hours later)
I haven't heard from @Dude73 since 3PM.
I tried calling her on my walkie talkie, but she hasn't replied back.
The last thing she said was she was going to that old mansion to try and sell some chocolates.
I'll go down there and see if she's around. Maybe i can sell some chocolates to the guy who's now living there since @Dude73 thinks he's rich.


Can I please join ?.


But as a little girl who is around 5-7


Please can I !! Sorry !,


Ok but from then on can I be in the story as I love being one of the main parts and I never get to be one !!


Yay !! This is totally awesome !,


Change of plans. Later in the story, you will appear as the first person who was kidnapped by Dr. Strange


Ok ... Then will I still come in ??


Yes. I'll ask you to tell Stargirl how you got caught when Stargirl and @Dude73 meet you.


Ok then !! Thanks and I will help all of us escape !,


Can I just be a dog, named Guild?

Dogs are needed for every good story xD


i think i literally just sparked a story revolution


That's cool you like writing stories as well.
If you look at my general topic I started this story 5 days ago.
This is before you made your "Lets write a story" topic 4 days ago.
No big deal. Good luck with yours. :+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻


wat lel...
I'm sorry, I didn't see that!
Thank you for taking it well!


I got the email with the OMTL the day after I made my story topic, and got
confused. Again, thanks for taking it well!


You are more popular anyway, If I was jealous, that would be a reason.
I like too see art/stories by others. So I'm looking forward to see how your story is written.
Good luck.


No, Im not popular ^^;
Here's much story:


You are a pretty good writer.
Looks very professional.