The Maltese Fan Club (TMFC) [MALTESE DONT LEAVE!]


__This is a fan club for Maltese cause she is so awesome (I'm not making this cause like everyone else is doing one I'm just doing it cause Maltese is so kind nice and sweet)

Form to join
Are you a fan of Maltese
No flame wars
On topic



Edit above

Friend tag list
@Unknown2016 (Not simply unknown)
@UnicornRainbow (The One And Only)
I second that! Maltese really is Senpai. ~Fearless


Im not your friend? I wanna be on the list!


You can add u self
I'm putting it on global edit :D



Ok u r in Kind Video Jump


how is this post empty XDDDD
srsly someone tell me XD


Ok u r in!!!!!!!!
Why hasn't Maltese replied but liked this topic


Quotes don't count as your input to a discussion I guess.


Okay really
Why do you make so much fan clubs?
Can you ATLEAST recycle topics?


U look at dis topic yet


Wasn't there a topic like this before? :V sorry but really I think so


Idk but I didn't make it


Oh okie



K u r in @FearlessPhoenix


I had to eat my dinner XD

I just want to say, thank you so very much!!! I don't need any fan clubs ;^;


Well your awesome and sweet and kind and always deserve anything


Aww ;u;


Yeah your a REALLLLLLLYYYYYY nice and cool fren
Your a pleasure to have on this forum