The make maltese happy club


As you guys see Maltese is always saying that everything she makes is horrible and that she wouldn't be a gets fit for leader or anything so in this club we tag Maltese and give her like an essay or whatever telling her that she is awesome and she should stop doubting herself because
Let's face it, Maltese it the best


It's just her self confidence 🤷 ¯_(ツ)_/¯


@MALTESE IS SWEGGIER THAN CERTAIN POTATOES AND... me lol. Then again, everyone is sweggier than me :joy:



Thank you XD

All of those things I said about myself are true and I don't know if that will change, though.

I really appreciate you making this and caring about me—but I don't know if I'll ever change my feelings about myself and my state of being.


Are you depressed?


Eh.. not really. I just have bad thoughts about myself; and I tend to get jealous a lot.


Me too
Sometimes but not all the time


Maltese you're awesome
You're literally a notch down from becoming Beyoncé


tell that to yourself please


Uh no because that isn't true
Maltese you're too amazing...


Maltese is...SENPAI


Adding her to ma list


Nah, it's definitely true.

But me... a step down from Beyoncé... man I don't even have a good fashion style


How am I a notch down from Queen Bey


Because you're just amazing and a role model to look up to, as she is.

I can't tell you why, I just know.


I meant it FOR REAL



I thought you meant that as a joke ;-;

boy was I wrong ;-;

thank you but what did I do to deserve this


It doesn't matter. You're just such a likable, funny, amazing, incredibly kind person. Your friends and family are lucky to have you. I'm very proud to be in your bio.

I had to say that.


Well, I guess my standards for myself are a little too high.
I want to look like this person: (Either Tia Lee or Tia Li, I don't know)

Play piano like this person: (Yuja Wang playing Flight of the Bumblebee)
Play flute like this person: (SIR James Galway)
Play tennis like this person: (Serena Williams)
And be smart and funny and have a good sense of style but nope I'm addicted to this forum and yah. basically i wish for too much and that's why i feel bad



maybe on the forum(probably not) but definitely not in real life


How am I a good role model I'm always listening to music