The MagmaPOP "issue" (not really 😌)



We have a problem
MagmaPOP is too awesome.
First, it was the coding
Everybody will never forget the Sneak Up Day
Many people cried at their own projects
Then, came the drawings
It put shame upon every Hopscotch artist (even Food.)
Then, the recent build up
The Music
How does he do this? We may never know.
Secrets are hidden in this Hopscotcher's channel
And the question is...
@MagmaPOP , if you're reading this, I hope you feel bad about yourself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is not really nice, I don't think MagmaPOP can help being famous


It's a joke @AHappyCoder , I'm trying to be "mean" to him because he's good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The truth is, he's really inspirational to everyone on Hopscotch!
This was just a joke :wink:


Oh! I didn't find it very funny...


Don't worry I find the funny and it isn't funny if you do get the sarcasm.


Oh, I'm sorry :confused:
I just thought it was supposed to be an indirect shoutout sort of..


What inspires me is the 3d code he copied from others on Scratch and the point towards code others made on hopscotch a while ago.
He failed to give credit or mention this in his semi 3d games.


These are good points
But I think we should appreciate MagmaPOP's good points of coding like I meant for this topic :wink:


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I like his games but ppl should stop acting like he's a God.
I could copy some 3d random maze code from Scratch and get it running on Hopscotch and have everyone making a big deal but i'd rather code my own way even if it's not as great.


Ok guys, fair points, fair points
but I REALLY don't want to get this topic flagged because of this, like the Funky 63 topic


Woah guys, we are all jumping on each other. I know that it bothers us that @MagmaPOP gets 300+ likes on each project, and a lot of his stuff is featured, but we don't need to start a fight over this, which I predict in my magic glass ball will happen.


Thank You!
I'm trying to compliment him, not start a rebellion against him....


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Ok, I'm sorry people didn't find it funny!
Some people have different senses of humor, I just wanted to acknowledge MagmaPOP and his achievements.....


Wel, I agree with the first post.


You should it with a small


At the bottom.....


Stampy, did u ever get my email?


-sigh- sarcasm is hard to express over the Internet, isn't it?
I'll take a mental note of that and think about it the next time I post something....