The Mad Flagger (on the loose!)



@Gilbert189 and @PopTart0219 has recently been flagged for no reason, people who do this--- EDIT: I have to do something so continue the discussion here.


I know who did it. You know who you are, flagger. Stop.


I saw that! I was about to comment, but the topic was closed!


I know who it is.

They literally flagged 3 of my random posts.

Is it supposed to be "revenge"?

@moderators , you won't confirm them, right?


shivers Who ever did this stop!


Ooh, how nice!

I see the IP's!

Nice try. :wink:

Can you please stop?


Well, I don't know who it is, but mad flagger you gotta know that flagging posts ain't gonna make you feel better. Just know that mods ain't gonna confirn random posts either. So there's no point in flagging really, all it does is make leaders and mods tired fighting the bot.


Please stop swearing


@Gilbert189 is NOT a jerk! if I hadn't lost my flags, I would flag that!


What is wrong with you? Are you jealous or something? If you need help just tag me!


Well, now I have a hater!

That's fine with me, I'll just use you to push myself forward! :sunglasses:


Whoa! No need to do that. What did @Gilbert189 ever do to you!


Here is a like! Never give up!! :heart:


You go bro!


Well, look at yourself.

Now, imagine yourself with scars all over you.

Not pretty, right?

What I thought.

Please stop, I don't know what I did to you. Can you tell me?


You can do it! Persevere...


This user is probably just jealous. It is ok @00ps13, we are a community! You can be friend with @Gilbert189 instead of hating on him!


@Gilbert189 look! Our first hater! How cute!

I know excactly who flagged it. Please stop


You are just getting flagged. You might get suspended. STOP.

@anon49146348 is rude


This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.