The Lonely Crew



How do you like the profile pic I made you????


lol, something simple. XD


:stuck_out_tongue: Illuminati Tester!


hmmm.... ok. I think that's simple enough.

I'll give you credit for da idea





Your welcome. I'll post a link the the pad, when I finish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw that. I was gonna make a request, but then I got lazy XD

I'll make one, just gimme a second


Thanks! I am just bored :frowning:


@SmileyAlyssa, I forgot about the advertisement, that I said I'd make. I'll make soon today.


That's OK! The Oscars won't be for a while anyway!


Ogmehgerd I'm like sooooo anxious right now! I am (not so patiently) waiting for my regular badge! It's killing meeee!!!! Me... Have... To.... Be... Regular... Soon... Or else....

KABOOM! :dash:


This topic totally relates to me, today I was sick and nobody was really on!! I also can't wait for the hopscotch oscars!!


Yah! I'm also sick, but I have to go to school :confounded:


When you become a regular you shall finally have access to da



Wait, you have to, I went to school in the middle of the school day cause my mom said I'm "feeling better" well not really mom!


I didn't think I would get it for a while the POW!

Unfortunately I got it during that weird thing where you couldn't post anything and all the profile pics were blank


Congrats you have access to da



Yes, yes, the Lounge is awesome.
Even though I've only been in it for five minutes.


Congratulations! :D