The Lonely Crew



Ok, thanks! I hope my friend comes back to Hopscotch, she had really good drawings and was a really nice friend! :sweat:


I took the picture at a mall on Christmas!


Hi @RubyWolf1! I'd love to! How far have you gotten? I hope you liked the pages I made!


Hi BananaDog!!!! I'm a big fan!


Hi @Bananadog! I'm a big fan! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum @Bananadog!
I hope you will have a amazing and awesome time here!

Here is the community guidelines!

A forum tutorial!

And, a font tutorial!


Aww, thanks @SmilingSnowflakes!!! I really appreciate your help! :slightly_smiling:


Is any body on, oh welcome to forum @Bananadog I hope I can Make Your Day!! Am I supposed to say that to new people, I have no idea it just sounded right!! I'm looking forwards to meeting you on forum, Sorry that was so long!!


Guess what! My friend isn't quitting Hopscotch! I'm so happy :smile:


You're welcome @Bananadog! :D
A few more helpful topics...

  • A
  • Poll
  • Tutorial!


A poll tutorial!

The bottom one is a post that teaches you how to make a multiple option polls!

Click on the blurry text! :P
How to make blurry text!

Click on this!

How to make details!

And, a topic about trust levels!


Hi! I haven't really done anything yet :grimacing: I really like what you did! Thanks!


Anyone???????? @SmileyAlyssa have you seen @SoBit lately if haven't talked to her for a while I'm getting worried :disappointed_relieved:


No, I haven't seen her. I'm getting worried too!


Hi! I got a new iPad for my bday! :slightly_smiling:
I want to code a thing...but what thing...

I'm going to play around with clones


Code Darude-Sandstorm!


There is no such thing as failing! Keep a happy attitude! (I am laughing for no reason right now)


Me cleaning out drafts: "This is literally just a square. Why do I have this?" (delete) XD


That's awesome!!!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!


I need to talk to her!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!


Where is everybody????????????