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I am sure all of you have had that one moment. You are on the forum, all ready to help, all ready to collaborate, but nobody is on at that moment!!! So where do you go? What do you do? Try coming here!!! We can talk about Hopscotch, the recent news (about Hopscotch) and maybe start collabs! You can get help, and give help! Everybody is welcome! This might be helpful to a lot of people in the west coast time- like me. It will only be 8pm here but lots of people are on eastern time and those people are asleep by then. So I created this topic for all of the people that might have a different time schedual, the ones that might be a little lonely at sometimes.

@PopTart0219 @Anonymous @Kiwicute2016 why was this unlisted? I understand why it's closed, but can you not Un list it please? People can learn from the mistake of being off topic. And I'm proud of the badge I received of this topic! :disappointed: Can someone list it?

Is anyone online
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._. Hopscotch? Ok?
Public Chatroom! (For those in need)

Omg yess

I live in EST, but my classes go slow and I always finish the stuff ahead of other peeps, so I go on my iPad, and then no ones on the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


love this idea


Yay! Thanks! I have no good ideas recently! This has been a problem in my life and I never bothered to actually fix it!


I love this idea too much :heart::heart::heart:
I'm two hours behind the east coasters, so they're sleeping and I'm just like
Anyone here?
I swear it's like being in a creepy abandoned warehouse or something..


LOL!!! I am three hours behind, and nobody is on Hopscotch, nobody is on the forum, and I am stranded there like HELLO!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE


Yes... I once posted a bunch of things and no one was on... It was kind of weird and I was SOO anxious for someone to reply! I will be a frequent visitor... :grinning:


Right now for me it's 6:48 pm.


It's 5:53 pm over here


I'm on the same time schedule as you AmazingAlphaAguaWolf!


XD Really? That's so cool! I didn't really think anyone else lived in the central time zone


I'm in central! :wink:

And yes, I did make a topic about the time zone stuff, @Follow4LikesOfficial! I am also happy to add more people! More here:


I didn't know, that's awesome! I will check out your topic too!


7:10 pm for me :stuck_out_tongue:


You're an hour ahead of me XD


How's everyone doing?? :sweat_smile: ✌🏻️


Nice topic idea!


I am finding it very hard to take you seriously with that profile picture!




its 7:17 pm right now