The Limited Replies



I know this is my first day on the hopscotch forum, but i am a frequent hopscotch coder. @system, why the limited replies on the first day? I had no idea untill I couldnt reply to anything! 1. The @system should let new comers know there are limtied replies as soon as they get on, and 2. There shouldnt be limited replies.

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Thanks @Giraffedolphin26

Why do you have a limit of likes or replying?

I agree that system should let new users know that there are limited replies, but we need this to stop spam bots from coming to the forum and posting a bunch of, well, spam :stuck_out_tongue:
So I half agree :D


Why did I get a notification about your reply???


Maybe you are "watching" this topic. If you watch topics on the forum, you will get notified if there's a reply to the topic you are watching, even if you didn't create that certain topic


I think you should know, but I think you should have limited replies. You don't know how the forum works, so you could accidentally start flame wars and such.


I definitely think they should get notified of the replies, but not get unlimited replies. This rule is so the website can Learn to trust you, and make sure you're not a spammer, and type
"Pphphphphphphpsshh YALL R DUM"

not saying you will, but it could happen if the limited replies didn't exist


Limited replies is so the forum can trust you :D They need to make sure your not a spam add account or something, so you get minimum replys. Although most accounts are normal, I think it's a good measure to take.


Although I don't think you should have unlimited replied (the forum needs to trust you :D), I do think that you should get notified so you use your replies carefully!


Or you read the topic and put it on "Track immediately".


I agree for 1
Disagree for 2


I agree that newcomers should be informed on the limited replies, but as for 2, I think they should stay.


Ok thanks for letting me know


I think that they should tell you you have limited replies, but I think you should still have limited replies.

The forum needs to trust you and I agree with why they have you limited replies on the first day :D
but it gets annoying ;-; like when I was giving KVJ compliments and ran out if replies :0