The Likers Squad! On Hopscotch!



This was inspired by @Kitkat26's Likers Squad! But it's not on the forum, it's on Hopscotch! You like 1 random Hopscotcher's project, and if they are a good Hopscotcher then follow them! Except, it's like a chain too, you have to like a project from a Hopscotcher that has the last letter of the post above you!
Please post the link too!


  • Don't break the rules
  • If you do, you are in trouble
  • Have fun
  • Don't be mean
  • Be nice

Do you think the projects that the forumers liked are good?

  • Definitely
  • Yes
  • I could find better
  • Average
  • Not good
  • Bad
  • Terrible


I just love doing polls for the fun of it!


Mass tag list!



So it has to start with 6?!Sure, I'll join!


How did you get that saying?


@kiwicute2016 changed our titles that we requested for DOS! @tankt2016


Cool! The Likers squad likes a random project on Hopscotch every day!