The Lesser-Known Hopscotch Oscars


I know it's a little late, but I was waiting to do this untill after the hopscotch oscars. I was very disappointed because there weren't even nominees of lesser-known Hopscotchers (Take me, and some others for example). Now I'm not mad that I didn't get nominated, I'm just frustrated they were popular Hopscotchers like MagmaPOP and Strike_PixelArtMaster (Please note I have nothing against you to, you are both fabulous coders). I would like to make a hopscotch oscars of lesser-known Hopscotchers. Sign your name below if you agree!


I totally agree!


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That is something to think about, and I'll keep in mind.


I'm flattered, really! :smile:

However... I wasn't even nominated, much less did I win.


(You deserve to be honestly!) Really? I thought you were XD


It's fine! I think what happened with the Hopscotch Oscars is that:

Lesser known people were nominated.

However, in the voting, almost none won.


Well when in came down to choosing who would win, it was just popular people, even though less popular people were nominated, you weren't able to vote for them.


Ran out of likes.

Anyway, what happened is that people just didn't know enough about the lesser known people to vote for them, so, by default, they voted for people they knew about!


This is a great idea! It will be super cool!


The main part I was a bit salty about is the fact that funky didn't even get nominated. He's done some pretty insane stuff, just sayin.


Maybe AdaCollabs could get popularity once the game comes out.


Can I nominate myself? I'm not known but I code really good games.



True, btw I noticed the results of all polls like that end up having a popular person win


*raises eyebrow
But you are a popular person!


*well not before, no