The Legendary Band



Does anyone want to make an account with me called The Legendary Band? What we would do is make music and other things for the people to watch while they are listening to music!! If you do then fill out this form:

Are you active?
Will you help me with making the music?
What is your HS username?

@FoodDelivery @minioncandy


Yes I got into a music highschool cos music is what im good at!


I can show you songs i made


So you want to join?!? If so please fill out the form!!



Alrighty!! If I don't get 2 more people to join then in the next 30 mins then I will pick you!!


I will remix on of your projects with the password!!




Should it be called The Legendary Band or Legendary Band?


first one.


Okay!! The Legendary Band!!


Do the visuals or music have to be made with the Hopscotch app?


I mean… it's going to be published on HS.