The "Leaving" Chain Reaction



Many people are sad about others leaving, but then they leave. So another person is sad about them leaving, so they leave and it goes on until people decide that it is sad that people are leaving but, that doesn't mean another person should leave because of that.

When I go through the forum, I see majority leaving topics at the top but, there are also those positive topics that want people to stay. So these people that are staying are going to stop the chain reaction in time. I think we should all try to stop the chain reaction of leaving. If you want to leave we don't want to stop you but, we want to make sure that you are making the best choice you can and are not just taking part in the chain reaction.

Sadly, the chain reaction will never fully end because eventually things will become sad again, it's just a natural reaction to tragedy (like many people leaving is a tragedy)

Sorry about this long rant, but if I sum it all up it would be like this:
Basically the leaving in large amounts is a chain reaction, it is up to you to decide if you want to "stop"* the chain reaction from growing or join it.
*It can never fully stop but, that's the goal.

I believe it needs to stop before it takes over the forum, I want the forum that is about coding, having fun and positive energy, not the forum about leaving and sadness.
Like @EP125 said: let's turn on the light and get rid of this darkness.

I don't want anyone to take offense to these statements, it's just my opinion. :)

I feel like this whole "LEAVING" things is becoming a domino reaction!?

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Well said @RainbowGalaxy!


Thank you! :)


Welcolm to The Dark Ages of Hopscotch Forum.
And of course, we do not feel verree welcolmed.:slight_smile:

"Things change—along with the people."


Dark ages... hmm


Yes, @MR.GAM3R
Every place has its Golden Ages and Dark Ages.


I know that people change that's why I said that we have to be sure people are leaving for a better reason then just joining the chain reaction. :)


Totes agree! :D


Well said, I 100000% agree :D



Awesome! We should really try to spread positivity to cheer people up! I am deffinetly not going to leave! Not for a while anyways​:slight_smile:


I don't think we should convince people to leave. But nice topic! (:


Yay @smishsmash you chained your profile pic to somthing happy! :smiley: Does this mean that you are happier again?



Umm.. defiantly not as depressed as a few days ago, I'm still depressed but I was getting bored if that profile picture and I liked this one and I'm a bit happier so I don't really know xD


I don't want to make people leave, I want more people to stay and be happy! :)


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Great speech! Well said


Thanks everyone for your kind words! :D


Well said! I am not quitting, but 54 new topics was created in 24 hours. A lot of them was about leaving.


I agree! Well put!

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I'm not quitting either, it's sad that so many people are leaving..