The Lavender Games



Hey, fellow Hopscotchers!

LavenderLovinNerd invites you to the Lavender Games!

What are the Lavender Games?

The Lavender Games are little games where there are at least two teams competing against each other. The one who finishes first will win the round/minigame, and the team who wins the most receives the prize of (surprise) per member.


I will not make acceptions if your team didn't finish in the time given. The winner is the winner.
At least 2 teams with 5 members each must be formed before the rounds/minigames start.
No cheating in any way!

How to Form a Team:

  1. Come up with the team name.
  2. Tag people that like to be tagged (you can use only part the friendly mass tag list) to join your team. Once 4 other members have joined, your team is official!
    Example: I'm making a team called Team Legendary! @SomePeopleintheFriendlyMassTagListorSomePeopleThatMightbeInterested will you join?
    Yes, you can form another topic to talk about what you made for the prompt given.

Good luck!


I really wanna make or Join a team but i just got to this website so I dont know anyone... nice Idea though


I'm sorry everyone! But, could more people join if they could?

Now that I've used the tag list once, don't use the whole tag list again for getting team members. Just do 4-7 people from the list that haven't joined.


I'll join.


Okay, @RobotPro! Choose a team name, and then tag people for it! Do not use the friendly mass tag list, because it was already used once.


I'll join!

My team name shall be:

Those Whovians!

@seawolfwerehorse COMFIRMED!
@AvocadoDont CONFIRMED!
@Kawaii_Lover CONFIRMED!
Tell me if you want/don't want to join!


@AwesomeKitty, tag some people to join your team! At least 4! Don't use the friendly mass tag list because I used it already!


can I be a leader! plz if theres no spot I wanna be a leader!


I wanna be a leader my team name would be
@KawaiiAnimeLuver @SmileyAlyssa


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I'll join your team! It sounds really fun! :smiley:


Team update:
Those Whovians (leader=@AwesomeKitty)= 1 member; @seawolfwerehorse
GalaxyRunner (leader=@Deadfr)= 1 member; @Dude73
Each team needs at least 3 more members! (By the way, I'm counting leaders as members)


@AwesomeKitty Hello yes I would like to join this sounds really fun


Could I join? Are there already two teams? If there aren't, I will make a team called the AwesomeBlossoms. If there are, I'll join your team.


@AwesomeBlossom yes there are two teams.


Team Update:
Those Whovians (leader=@AwesomeKitty)= 2 members; @seawolfwerehorse, @AvocadoDont
2 more members for Those Whovians!


Xắn YOU Join My Team GALAXYRUNNERS? @AwsomeBlossom


Lol @Deadfr you forgot the e in your AwesomeBlossom tag


Can I please join????


Can mine be:
Da Purple Puppies?

@anyone who wants to join
And other peoplez later?