The Lavender Club



Hey, forum community!

I'm hosting a club called the Lavender Club!

To make sure things don't get out of hand, only 8 members maximum will be accepted.
Also, to join:
Know how to make drawing pads, snowflakes, and you must rate your music at least 2/10.
You must be nice and appropriate.
If we make something that you don't know how to do and you've already joined, sorry, but:

You can't be in the club anymore.

To get in, post below 2 paragraphs about:
With correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar:
Paragraph 1: If you can do the things listed above, and think you can do the unknown at the moment things we will do.
Paragraph 2: Why you want to join.
(Sorry if correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling is strict, I dislike misspellings, incorrect grammar, and incorrect punctuation.)

Thank you!

Lavender Club Discussion (With friendship2468 and AwesomeKitty)

3 paragraphs???? I cannot join then!


@SmileyAlyssa, I hope 3 paragraphs aren't mean to you. Should I change the paragraph number?


YES! I think that's the idea of the century!
Also less hefty requirements.


What does 'less hefty' mean?
I'm not a very big vocabulary.


Ok. Less hard requirements :wink:.




Okay, is anybody joining? I feel we need at least 2 more members.

Paragraphs are posted under this line.


What do you even do in this club?


@RubyWolf1, this is a club where me and our club members collaborate to stuff like drawing pads and snowflakes.

Please post paragraphs under this line.


Why I Want to Be in the Lavender Club

By AwesomeKitty

Hello, @LavenderLovinNerd. You have asked me to write two paragraphs about why I want to be in this club, and you will recieve your beloved two paragraphs. Now, I do not like intros, so let's move on towards the first paragraph, the one about the qualifications.

Now, you say I have to be able to make a drawing pad. I most definitely can. Now, I am going to stop for now, just so I can retrieve the link from my Awesome-Pad, and also so I can save my work for now. Excuse moi. I am back, with the link. This is pure proof that I have made a drawing pad, with HSB colors, totaling to about 41-42 colors.
Now, I have to be able to make a snowflake, eh? Well, I have made one, but that was a long time ago, in about November, and I do NOT want to scroll all the way down, for fear of hurting my delicate fingers. And about the music, well, I rate my music 3/10, with much room for improvement, but I think I can compose Are You Sleeping (Frere Jaques in French) and possibly Bach's Minuet. Now, as Shakespeare once said, once more unto the breach. That is, to the next paragraph!

So, now I have to give reasons why I want to be in the Lavender Club. Now, be prepared, for it's a doozy.
I simply love the color lavender, and I would love to have your username, for I am a nerd as well, and I love all shades of purple, especially lavender. I also love being in collabs, clubs, anything of that sort. You should've seen my entry for @Rawrbear's Mature Company/Collab. This is, by far, the longest thing I have typed on the forum. This proves I have endurance, and superb writing skills. I barely need spell check, for I have an automatic spell check in my brain. This collab will be an opportunity to have fun while making useful projects, and I gladly will type anything to be in this club.

So as you see, @LavenderLovinNerd, I am an excellent choice to be in this club, and if you find any errors, I hope the sheer length of this will be enough to convince you.


No mistakes!
Paragraph Length: Awesome!



I know I know how to make draw pads! HSB, widths, hides, rainbows, clearing and regular colors. I'm not good at making snowflakes but I made one by myself once. If I watch the video again I'll be able to make one by myself for a bit though. I don't play piano but I do enjoy making music. If you want I can link you to some of mine.

I want to join because I think that this will be fun! By the way I know how you feel I hate incorrect grammar, incorrect punctuation, and misspellings. Maybe it's because I'm too smart...


No mistakes!
Paragraph Length: Short, but still good.



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