The Late Night Show with QueenShaeShae starring Rainboom!



Hopscotch Comedy. Meme's. News Reports. Interviews. Its all here. Next show date airing tommorow at 9 oclock eastern. Sign up to get featured in the show.


Nice idea! :D

I'll sign up! :3


Okay great!! You are our guest star!!


Yey! :D

my cats better then yours


My fish is better than yours.


My fish is-

dead ;-;

I had it when I was like 5 but it does in a few days ;n;


Okay, how would like to help me come up with the comedy?


Yea pls!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Okay cool. So how do you liek this?

One day I was coding and I said to myself why don't I code a donut. So I worked for hours trying to draw a donut with "draw a trail" blocks. Then one day I happened to look in the characters list. And I found a donut sprite.



That's so funny XD

Maybe make it a character that's actually in HS tho! ;D


I meant shapes list ughhhhh i gotta get that right


When I first started hopscotch, I thought it was digital hopscotch. I played hopscotch on my iPad. And then I prayed my mom wouldnt come home.


That's ok XD

What about this:
One day I got the subscription. I was look through the projects and found one with a reall picture of a dog and I though, "oh it must be the midi hack!" Then I tapped on it and it still had the dog and I screamed. "AhhhhhhhahhwhTwhayhwatwhatheeeeeeekp" I emailed THT and they said, "it's just someone with the subscription, silly! And it's also you."

Do u like it?


Omg yassssssss thats really funny


I'm outta laiks nuuuuu ;-;

Pix! :D


I drew a drawing and posted on to the drawing topic. It took two months. It got no likes. Then, under my post I saw a really good anime drawing. That very day I lost all my self confidence.

Chu like?


Some moments i have sparks. Then, I work on those sparked projects for about 3 hours. Then those sparks die. And they go into the long lists of dead drafts.


Not bad, but not exactly funny... No offence :stuck_out_tongue:

What about...
I went to the drawing topic and post my drawings. I had 500 (no kidding) that I wanted to post and when I selected them all, it took 5 HOURS to load. When it did load, and I posted it, my iPad ran out of battery and it lost every single one.


U likey?


Trust me I dont care if you say its not funny. I want you to be honest here.


Yes I like!!! A lot I like!!