THE LAST IPHONE BETA TEST! (w/ some surprises!)




Not a bug but a suggestion:
In the new update, could you also add in more tabs? Because some things i make don't necessarily fit into any of the channels– eg my CoSine clock i can only really put in #art… so could you add some, such as maybe sine and cosine or animations??

And sorry if this is off topic

EDIT: o.O system just edited this...?


Are you going to work on android next after you finish the iPhone version?


tab idea: math

but if it is going to be released next week then maybe wait until next update XD


try this.
it's a HSB drawing pad.


also, remove the automatic :sunglasses: because yellow faced emojis HURT SO BAD


Um… I agree with the first bit…


I will download the beta app on my new iphone (iphone 5s) and test the app! Have you fixed the time glitch yet?


I got the beta app!! :slight_smile:


Yay now you can be awesome on that too!


Thanks, but I'm not that awesome.



What do you mean...

What's your hopscocth username??


My username is EP125


May I please have your autograph?



I think I might have found a bug....
So, I logged into my regular account on the Beta, and made a random project. When I went back into regular Hopscotch, the project I had published on the beta wasn't in my profile. Also, I deleted most of my drafts a while ago(on the regular app), but the deleted ones were in my drafts in beta.
@Liza, is this supposed to happen?


They user a version of the community from 13/14 weeks ago


Got it. Will they update to the newer community later?


Go into the colour picker, and scroll down at the bottom where "Random Colour" would be :D


Oh, I agree! The default on the iPad version is "text", and when you hit cancel there's a grey "text" object, and when you play it turns invisible @Liza. This is helpful for cloning I think, because with regular text objects, every time they make a clone they flash (turn visible for a second), even if the code in them makes them invisible! This is a very minor problem, it's just handy for some projects, I really wouldn't worry about it at all.


Here :wink: