THE LAST IPHONE BETA TEST! (w/ some surprises!)



Can't Find RGB and HSB?


Do you have to create a new account?


Not as far as I am aware


I just got it!
I used an RGB, but it set color gray, like this.

@Liza, are you still working on that?
What happened to the "Length" value?


We got it! Our username is tankt2016 (beta)! But I found a few glitches.

Use HSB colors and it'll appear as the dark purple when you go back into the rule.

And anything inside the Repeat Forever block doesn't work!

And I used the correct code for drawing, but it came out as dots!

Wait, it was the wrong code…:joy:


Yay notifications are on! Thanks!


But following problem persists @Liza

Tags @tankt2016


Hm, what do you mean? You can still set the emoji to invisible, right?

The app will be released next week! (We're targeting 5/12 though these things can change :slight_smile: )

and @tank2016 - do you mean that the color turns dark purple regardless of whatever HSB you set it to?



Next week??? OMG!! Cannae wait

Although to us Brits it's 12/5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well normally the text is invisible if you press cancel but now there's an emoji... But the block still works, yes! IDK if you wanted this but it's getting kinda annoying no offence!


Will I be able to sign in on the iPhone version with my account that I made on the ipad version?


The only reason it was ever there is because there used to be a Draw a Spiral preset ability. That used the Length value. Now that there isn't one, it's not needed.


Yes, but you don't need an email to make an account. There is a skip button.


Yeah, the :sunglasses: emoji is pretty annoying.


Thank you! I'll keep this in mind:)


Wow, next week! Can't wait–good luck!


I love the new features, and I can't wait for this to be officially released! :D

Also, just saying, I don't think it's very easy to find the RGB and HSB blocks (I finally found them! Yay! :D).

Also, it's being released next week? :D

Now I'm really excited! :D


Aha!! Finally a find ze glitchy of evilness!!!

The high C note is all the way down there and I can't scroll! Also is the way it says "start sound ( f# ) (500) wait" a glitch? Shouldn't it be "and wait (500)"?


Omg upload already!


teeny bug! @Liza

Each time i open the beta (on my iPhone) and i see the green • next to the lighting, i click on it to see my Activity. However it takes two tries for the dot to disappear…