THE LAST IPHONE BETA TEST! (w/ some surprises!)



I am it worked before the only reason might be my VPN


I accept the challenge!

Phew. For a moment i was worried I would have 3 HS apps to juggle but the beta is just updating… :sweat_smile:

Uh, @Liza? This problem is still here, the following bit on iPhone…


Yay! I'm so excited! Will some of these updates come out on the iPad version too?


Uh, @Liza?
Highest x position is barely 320??

And highest y position is 568??


I think you might be running an old version of beta. Can you try deleting it, reinstalling, and seeing if this problem persists?



This looks like its going to be AMAZING! I can't get the app since im on a school IPad, but Ill take the challenge! :DD


Nope, new version, just updated…


It works now!

Thanks I am trying to find the secret!


also do you know what was wrong?


Just out of mere curiosity, how close is

? Do you have an expected release date or range? If so what is is?

(I really want to see first hand all of the changes but can't get the beta :smile:)


Another thing, @Liza...

Lol so many from me...

On the iPhone, when making a project, is there a way to position the characters on a grid? Because it only gives lines of code, not the editor grid — which is much smaller than on the iPad so projects could be cropped...

Hope this helps!
KVJ or Komplettverrücktjunge


@Liza I can't access the RGB one you are saying. How can I do it?


Can't wait until the future when we're looking back at this moment.

"Lol, we had to paste in the HSBs?"
"I know! Crazy, right?"


I can't wait until the future when we're looking back on this moment.

"Lol, you used the HSBs?"
"I know! Crazy, right?"


I love how it's more like the iPad version now!
I also love how you can put RGB and HSB more easily!
Are you going to put that into the iPad version?


Safari be like

Its taking forever...


Guys! You can get the invisible text by deleting the emoji and clicking on done!

@AHappyCoder problem solved!!!!!!!


Lol AHC simple solution!

Lol u just liked


The :sunglasses: In the text is still there.


100th post!