THE LAST IPHONE BETA TEST! (w/ some surprises!)



Try placing a block in the editor, and pressing the question mark once you click on the block! It mentions some Hopscotch games in some! :D


You can download the thing on iPad to test


amazing! Same as @Dude73, can't beta test.

My friend and I may do it on her phone this weekend!


Yes. I could Download it the whole time


Where is the question mark? I can't find it on my phone


Be sure to hold it down. :D


Oh, you're using an iPad :wink:

It is different on my phone


Awesome I can't wait


Ah, okay. :D


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Please make it so that you don't get the :sunglasses: emoji when you make an object! It's just really annoying D:

And incredibly tedious D:


If you don't like it, CHA (oh wait that's mean) try changing it maybe? You could just type text and set invisibility percent...


That is what I mean by tedious.


oh... Sorry


And it ecourages emojis
I very much dislike every aspect of them XD


:dizzy_face: :grimacing: :disappointed: :flushed: :persevere: :cry:


Your hurtin' meh D:

Just gonna go Hopscotch and let the emojis go, and hope that Liza removed that feature XD


I found something


That doesn't look like a bug with HS, the iPad thinks you are not connected to Wi Fi.


:Friday: saddling... ago Cortez in lions meaning!