THE LAST IPHONE BETA TEST! (w/ some surprises!)



silently waits for beta


Um...the beta is out. :D


<-- ませ の く わて ひせ どいんが

Lol you can't translate that XD, it uses japanese charactors with english words

silently pretends he didn't hear tankt and that he didn't say beta instead of new update but lost his iPad so it isn't really waiting as much as tearing my hair out looking for it


How do you publish things on an iPhone?



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lol that shouldn't be able to go there XD


Am I the only one using the beta app for the iPhone app, seeing as I can't log in to the actual app…?


Did you know you could hold down in the characters and there's a miny bio about them? It also works with shapes!


It doesn't work for me...


How? I can't seem to do it. Can I have a screenshot?


Like this!


Oh! I was doing it on my iPad…


Oh yeah! I should've mentioned I did it on my iPhone...


Could you show me all of them? I can't access iPhone version...


Lol some are really funny and punny, but one is missing, the thin rectangle


I can't get the new beta version for some reason @Liza! How do I get it?


She sends you an email, you must ask for beta, you can't just update :wink:
So if you ask she will send you a link :wink:


@Liza, can I please have the link to the new beta?


Can I also @Liza? Please?