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Tomorrow is Poland's b-day in Hetalia
(yeah, I was reading something about him)


so now i'll have 5 + 1 overdue drawings of Hetalia countries.


it doesn't help that i really like three of them, and now feel incredibly guilty again for not drawing them;;


intense lion king intro music


Poland's birthday, July 22nd, is often a point of controversy with fans due to the fact that it references the foundation date of a "free Poland" under Communist rule. November 11th is seen as more acceptable, due to it being the date that Poland was reestablished as a country after WWI.
(From Hetalia Archives, a website)


Wait so how old is Germany?

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This one's complicated.

Many parts of Germany used to be seperate countries, united under the Holy Roman Empire, and the entire eastern side is what is left of Prussia.

The time when Germany came into existence is much harder than it seems to establish.


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My friend wanted to know XD


does your friend know about my hre theory yet


what's a hiroshima hetalia



She doesn't even know aph
She just heard of it

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Hetalia is a webcomic by Hidekaz Himaruya to teach history, by personifying countries into people.
"Hetalia", by itself, is a fusion of 'hetare', meaning 'useless', and 'Italia', meaning 'Italy'. Guess who the main character is.

The webcomic's popularity grew exponentially until fans demanded it be sold as a manga, and so manga booklets were sold.

Big Japanese animation/TV-show companies saw the chance to profit, and so released a Hetalia: Axis Powers season of anime. The anime is terrible. It's just terrible.

However, more people watch the short-and-sweet, five-minute anime episodes than people who read the webcomic, and so many people have the wrong ideas about history.

The anime and webcomic fanbase, combined, had the highest number of fans out of any anime at one point. But then it dropped dramatically, as soon as American fangirls got their eyes on it.

I'm ashamed to be an American fangirl. I, at least, fact-check everything that's hurled at me through the anime and webcomic, but many people take everything Hetalia says as fact.


shiv's HRE theory:


Nice Wikipedia. :stuck_out_tongue:

What's it about?




There's a different article about it on Wikipedia.

And there should—there isn't, but there should—be an article about exactly what species the more rabid fangirls are.


How did I not see that? :p

I'm interested in watching it, where can I watch it?


Ask @XiaoMiaoMi :P


Webcomic site:

Anime (ugh, i hate the anime) site:

A suggestion for watching the anime—
Watch Axis Powers until the Chibitalia arc ends (when HRE "leaves"), and then skip to World Series.

Also, it has swearing in it. Just a warning for if you thought it'd be completely clean.