The Kingdom of Tomatoes and Trash (Shivelight's General Topic)



I'm so weird. Kek


hah hah! me too! da forum is filled wit weird peeps


and how do you change the about me bio thingy? i tried but it didn't save


Go to Preferences. Then change your bio, go to the bottom, then hit Save.


soooooo what are the rules for posting on the forum?



Don't be off topic.

Don't swear.

Don't communicate with someone outside the forum (docs, another forum)


What do you mean by off topic?


Say the topic is about code.

Don't go posting cat memes in the code topic.


ok that makes sense...


Shivlit is doing homework right?


Yep. But at this time, she could come online any minute.


Hi lol


Just wondering do you know xiaomiaomi?


ok! I have to go for dinner bye!


We're in the same town.

Not yet.




Oh, I hope you find each other. I don't know anyone and I don't think anyone even lives in my town plays hopscotch ;-;


Haha same



dont you just love being lonely
dont you just especially love the moment when you ask someone if they play hopscotch and their just like what