The Kindness War (Book) Teaser Is Out! Book In Progress! Open For BG Characters!


@Sweetlina sorry that I @ed you, I was explaining to @CodePerfect that both your personalities were way too similar.

@CodePerfect thanks! It's good now.


Oh so do I change my personality?


@Sweetlina no, you made your personality first. @CodePerfect fixed it. Sorry for the confusion.


Awesome!! Thank you!!


Oh okay!


Elle XD


No I fixed mine!! But thanks for offering!! You made yours first.


I think everyone wants a Sneak Peek. I'll make a teaser, then.



@Halloween uhhh


@Halloween please stop right now. If you do this again I'll flag you for off topic. This isn't acceptable on the forums. Even if this topic has to get closed.


@Halloween I flagged you because you continued by calling me "mom"


@Halloween ? Who even are you? Your bio says it's a public account which means anyone could be behind your replies.


@Halloween I have unflagged your posts until I've gotten to the bottom of this. No one will make fun on you on the forums. If they do, they could suffer consequences if they continue.


@Halloween now, who are you?


Are you @WitnessTheLitness
No offenece


I am a piece of fried chicken


Which Side Do You Join?
Neutral. If not, then whichever side's the strongest (see personality)

I have pale skin, and yellowish-brownish eyes. I usually tie up my (black) hair, and if it's not tied up, it reaches my lower back.
I glare a lot, and rarely smile, but I have a rigid back and never slouch.
For clothing, if you need a clothing description, I just wear a striped office shirt (the ones with a single pocket on the front), along with black pants.

I'm an agressive, wants-to-pick-a-fight kind of person, who often engages in arguments with others. However, I know I can't do much by myself, so I flock to groups of people. I'm a humbuggy person.
Even though I'm agressive, I completely and totally shut up around people of a higher rank than me. Inside my feistiness is a constant demand for the choice that has the least likelihood of me dying.

HS User?
@XiaoMiaoMi or Shivelight [Hetalian]

I'd like to apply for a background character. And if I'm not accepted, it's alright.


@XiaoMiaoMi you were accepted into the Yellow Side, because in the Sneak Peek Yellow finds victory so your character would obviously join Yellow. (Of course the Sneak Peek says that it doesn't stay this way, so your character will be interesting)



has tiny panic attack because dID YOU ACCEPT MY CHARACTER ERMAGERD THANKS

EDIT: Okay, just read the teaser. Nice writing. Please dismiss the question I'd previously asked.


Remember: you can't use Google Docs to write with a partner through HS, as you can't speak outside of Hopscotch. D: