The kindness motel


Hi and welcome to the kindness motel.
I made a hopscotch account called the kindness motel

How does it work?
You can ask to join and I will give u the pass.
You then move up the ranks

What's the point of this?
The point of this is to spread kindness around hopscotch. So you can make a kindness drawing or kindness game etc. it just has to related to kindness

How do you get promoted?
You get promoted by a admin or mod if you are very active and are kind

Every day, the admins will judge the kindest project. ( they will decide who the winner is together by talking on the admin chat) if you have the kindest project then you get promoted. Please no hurt feelings. It's just meant to inspire you to make kind projects. You can only win once. Once the admins decide ( they decide day off) then they will post the winner on this topic.

So every now and then I will ask a question on the forum. If you answer it then u get 1 point. If I think u have the best answer than u get 3 points
You can use points for many things listed below:
5 points-you get regular
15 points- u get leader ( only if u were regular)
50 points- u get mod ( only if u were leader)
10 points- u can be leader for a day
45 points- u can be mod for a day

Different trust levels
You can be promoted by the point system or just being very kind and active. I hand select the admins
Can log in to the account but can't do anything without permission
can log into account but still need permission to post. You have your own chat. ( ur chat is just one of the drafts that we will make)

Don't need permission to publish projects
Special leader account to chat about leader stuff ( leaders can post projects on the main account or the leader account)

Dont need permission to publish stuff
Has special mod account to chat about mod stuff (mods can post projects on the main account or the leader account)
Mods are allowed to check on the regular chat to make sure nothing bad is going on ( mods can't post of regular chat unless they are saying somethings like "let's be a bit nicer" or something like that)

Don't need permission to post anything
Are allowed to demote someone or kick them if they break rules multiple times
Have a special admin account to chat and post projects ( admins can post projects on main account or mod account)
Are allows to check on leader account/ chat to make sure everyone is following the rules. ( same rules as admins with the posting stuff on other levels chat)
Can promote ppl ( all admins have to agree)
Picks kindest project everyday ( chat and agree)

So let's get started. No form just ask to join





Credit to @Huggingfluffybear for the hotel idea


First two ppl get leader


Hmm I guess I'll join sounds fun but there is a topic like this


Please give credit to me.

It's not fair really not giving credit.:confused:


Yeah this is litterly my topic...

Please give credit...


And your copying this?

Okay, this is the same thing if you don't give credit, well i don't know but maybe change it up as well?

It's just not fair.


@BuildASnowman what do you think?


Can I join and be a leader ? Please please !


But mine is kindess but I will give u credit


Yes but there still the same thing please give me credit for the trust levels, the idea, and everything else becuase this is a clone.


Not really. I had already started this when you posted it. Plus my trust levels can do different stuff


So your saying that you made this the same time as me?

I doubt...


I started it but I didn't post it


No you didn't the exsact same things?!

Exsact same thing?!

That's just no the trust levels are the same, the wording and the idea.

You made it just now..

You didn't make it the same time as me.


The trust level are different


And mine is about kindness


Not really you made this just like 20 minutes ago that's unfair saying you made it before mine.


But that's unfair that you said I copied like the entire thing


But you did it's true!

I'm am gonna call my leaders...



You guys ready to find out the main account password and the leaders chat account?