The KINDNESS Challenge!



Hello evreyone! I have a challenge for you, Every Friday, I will post a challenge relating to people being kind to others. If you want to join, just comment below " I want to join" or something like that.

I created this challenge, because when i am on the Hopscotch app, everyone just wants to get followers and likes, but they don't want to help anyone else with their followers, and they make lotteries, but what if someone doesn't like lotteries, or they don't know how to make a lottery to help. Lotteries are NOT everything, and people need to notice that Hopscotch is suppose to be fun.

If you want to find my ipad profile, it is the same username here: UnknownArt2016. Have a wonderful day everyone!


I will join, ok? Ok.


Sounds fun, but you should be kind every day. :grinning:


Lol, right:upside_down: And i wish i can make a challenge everyday too, and this challenge is just a small reminder :rose: