"The Kay Kat Club" Collab Talk



Okay, So I FINALLY got in the collab. Who else would like to join?


Sorry, I don't really do collabs. I prefer coding alone xD


(Gasps) You don't know who @KayKat is!?


Oh, is it the Hopscotcher? Sorry, no offence meant, I just thought it was something else xD


Oh it's okay! I'm sorry (I get overdramatic)




Because your awesome! Look at the account's latest project.


Hi! There's a draft that I need help on called "from:GinnyPotterFry" that's a ravenclaw thing just sayin!


I don't see it. When did you start it? Make a duplicate and we will see if I can view it.


I started it today. I'll check right now.


I see it on my IPad. Also, who made the spells and curses game?


I still do not see it. I made it.


I loved your spells and curses game, @sophia71205!




Maybe you guys should try publishing less remixes... if you keep remixing projects, I might unfollow you...


Okay. Sorry. I forget that you don't really care for remixes


It's my fault. I get bored it's all my fault.


@UnderagedCoder1, have you remixed anything?


I forgot the password lol
Can you give it to me
I will put it in notes


@GinnyPotterFry, did you remix that Hufflepuff project?