The Journey! Finished book



Sorry @friendship2468, it's full


Then why did you invite me to the topic


So you could read it


I can put you guys in, but you guys will not be the main charecters, is that ok?


Anyone on right now?


thats fine :smiley:

Could I be evil though?


Sure! I'll think of something


Oh um okay
Can I have curled hair ends with a Jacob Sartorius hat Jacob Sartorius t shirt and Jacob Sartorius pants grey eyes
But I wanna be evil with @KVJ
I'm into creepy and bloody stuff
Sorry not sorry


Sure! I got something big planned!


You can create flame wars that doesn't let people escape


@Explorer_ can I at least have a sharp knife that destroys iPads people and iPhones stuff like that


Can I please be I the book ? It is silver good so far !


Ooooohhhh great idea!


You will, stay tuned for more


That's okey!!! Yey!!


Can I be in the book? In case you ever need to use this, I'm a boy.


Ok I'll find a way


I just finished chapter 3, @KVJ and @friendship2468 come in


Can I be in chapter 4?
Edit: I saw myself in it!


That's kinda a little to violent