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I will work on the book step by step

Chapter 1
After skating I went on the forum to see all the topics, I only saw one topic.
"Hopscotch will be over forever"
It was by Liza, it said
"Hopscotch will be over starting from September 1st, 2016. Thank you all for saying how much you hated the updates. We will have to delete the app…forever.

Thank you for the feedback

How could this happen?! I thought. I checked hopscotch, they mentioned the same thing on featured. No other projects. I wondered, how could THT do this?!
I went back on the forum, there was another new topic. It was called "over" I went on it, and then ther was only this: "over forever" there was no user that typed it. Then the earth was shaking . I tried to use my balance that I used from skating. Then I fell and fainted.

Chapter 2
"Wake up! Please wake up!" Said a voice. "Is she alive?" Asked another voice. "I hope so!" Said the third. My eyes opened. I saw 10 girls in front of me. "Good your alive!" Said a girl with long brown hair with bangs wearing a kawaii rose on her shirt. "Who are you guys?" I asked. "Let's introduce ourselfs by our usernames." Said a girl with brown hair in a ponytail wearing a shirt with a kitkat bar. "I'm Kitkat26 on the forum" said the girl wearing the shirt with a kitkat bar. "I'm Sweetlina on the forum." Said the girl with long light brown hair and pink shirt with a candy. "I'm StarryDream" said the girl with long black hair with glasses and wearing a blue shirt with a star. "I'm Hermione" said a girl with curly brown hair wearing a Griffindor shirt. "I'm NightcoreStudios" said a girl with light brown hair with blue and pink hilites in a ponytail wearing a pink shirt with headphones. "I'm KawaiiRose" said a girl with long brown hair with bangs and a shirt with a kawaii rose on it. "I'm PerfectPanda24" said a girl with black hair and a panda on her shirt."I'm PopTart0219" said a girl with brown hair in a pink headband wearing a blue shirt with a poptart on it. "I'm SmilingSnowflakes" said a girl with medium length dark brown hair wearing a blue shirt with a smiling snowflake on it. "And I'm KoolM123" said a girl with blonde hair with a ponytail wearing a shirt that has blue and purple patterns on it. "So…what happens?" I asked

Chapter 3
"There was an earthquake" said SmilingSnowflakes. "It happens every time someone opens that project, it goes for 100ft, it gives a chance for the other side to capture anyone in that area." Said PopTart0219. "Do you know who's doing it?" I asked. "The leaders are KVJ and Fredship2468" said KoolM123.
"They have already captured Maltese, JaggedJeans, BerryFOX, Sensei_Coder, Silverdolphin, SmileyAlyssa, smishsmash, ThePickle, and FascinatingTreehouse. Said Hermione. "Spenai Maltese, SmileyAlyssa and smishsmash captured?! And potato frens SiberDolphin and FascinatingTreehouse?" I said.

"I saw what they do to capture them or to keep them away from escaping. Friendship2468 can surround you with a flame war or crush your devise, and also hack! KJV can hack you and do a lot of damage to your account." Said Sweetlina. "So what's the plan?" I asked

Chapter 4
"We go up to their tower and try to free them" said PerfectPanda24. "But how?" Asked NightcoreStudios. "Friendship2468 hates when she gets hacked" said StarryDream."But what about KVJ?" I asked. "He's a hard one, but I herd he cracks if he sees any cracked devise" said StarryDream. "But how does that help us?" Asked KawaiiRose. "I donno but when he cracks he just just goes wild, and that rarely happens anymore." Answered StarryDream. I went back on the App Store to see the reviews of Hopscotch. "Hey guys, somebody just gave hopscotch 1 :star:️ And said its the worst app in history, they also said thank you THT for giving up on hopscotch." I said. "Who wrote it?" Asked Kitkat26. "It's written by…KVJ" I said. "There is another one, they gave hopscotch also 1 :star:️ And said what's the point of this app? It's the worst update in history of updates." I said. "Ouch" said KoolM123 "Who wrote it?" Asked SimilingSnowflakes. "It's by…Friendship2468" I said.

Chapter 5
"What do those guys have against hopscotch?" Asked PopTart0219. "I have no idea" answered SmilingSnowflakes. "Cmon lets go up to the tower" said KoolM123.


They got up to the tower where everyone was locked. "Well well well, look who it is" said Friendship2468. "Do you want to get your wittle fweds up der?" Said KVJ in a mocking tone. "We thought that you guys were are friends." Said StarryDream. "All of you forum made sick with people quitting hopscotch. So now, REVANGE!!!" Said KVJ. "Then he recruited me to join him to destroy everyone who got into that topic" said Friendship2468. "Now, this is what we are going to do" said KVJ.

Chapter 6
"I'll give you 3 seconds to leave, OOOR I'll start a flame war." Said Friendship2468. "And you think we are going to leave so easily." Said PerfectPanda24. "Mhm" said KVJ. Then Friendship2468 started a flame war. She made a circle of fire around them with no way to escape except to give up. "Ok, why don't we just talk this out just like normal people do." Said NightcoreStudios. "Give up or else" said KVJ. "Or else what" said Sweetlina. KVJ held out a remote to Sweetlina, he pressed a button, then Sweetlina fell and then got taken away to the tower by the plane from the other side. "NOOO SWEETLINA!!!!!!!!" I said. "Give up now or your friend KawaiiRose is next." Said KVJ.

Chapter 7
"Ok, ok, we give up" said KitKat26. "Good" said Friendship2468. She let down the flame war. They went back to my house.

"So what are we going to do about Sweetlina and the others?" I asked. "Maybe if we get in there, we could find away to escape!" Said KawaiiRose. "That's really risky" said PerfectPanda24. "Well what else to we got?" Said Hermione. "My dad still has his old cracked phone, we could use it against KVJ." I said. "That's great! But what about Friendship2468?" Asked PopTart0219. "I have no idea" I answered. My iPad rang, Sweetlina was FaceTimeing us. "Hi Sweetlina, how bad is it there?" I asked. "Well, everyone gets one small dungeon to themselves. I still have my phone, thankfully." Said Sweetlina. "Do you know what we can come up with to crack Friendship2468?" Asked Kitkat26. "Maltese has the dungeon next to me, and she told me that Friendship2468 only cracks if she sees her favorite type of cake. I know it's weird." Said Sweetlina. "There is a bakery near by, we could stop there." I said. "But we don't know what's her favorite kind." Said Sweetlina. "Well, we will find out" I said.

Chapter 8
We went to the bakery and bought 5 different kinds of cake, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint, and cookie dough. "What if she doesn't like them?" Asked KoolM123. "Then we will eat the ones she doesn't like." I answered. "Do you have the cracked phone to crack KVJ?" Asked SmilingSnowflakes. "Yep" I answered. We bought the cakes and went to the tower.

"Look who's back." Said KVJ. "We were sorry for what we did, so we bought cake." Said KawaiiRose. "Oooh what type?" Asked KVJ. "We have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and cookie dough." StarryDream said. "Wait, you have cookie dough?" Asked Friendship2468. "Yep" I said. "GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said Friendship2468. StarryDream took the cake out of her bag, and gave it to Friendship2468. Friendship2468 took the cake and stuffed her face with it. "Hey KVJ, look what I have" I said holding up the cracked phone. "Cracked…phone" said KVJ then he got stiff and fell onto the ground. KVJ cracked, if we asked him anything he will tell us. But Friendship2468 will need more work. "KVJ where is the other side lair?" Said NightcoreStudios.

Chapter 9
"It's...its below the tower. The password is password" said KVJ. "That's a weird password." Said Hermione. The went in the tower, got in the elevator and went to the bottom. The other side was there wearing black and red uniforms. Friendship2468 was eating cake while the rest of them were in their "how to capture" class. "What are you guys doing down in our town?" Said Mila, a girl with long drown braids that get really thin at the bottom of her hair. "We're here to get hopscotch back," said NightcoreStudios. "Cute" said Mila. "You wanna fight?" She asked. "Plz, I've learned self defense for a loooooong time." I said.

Chapter 10
"Let's do this!" Said Mila. "Before we do this, why did you want to join the other side?" I asked. "Because I'm tired of hearing how people complain that they will quit if they don't get any likes." Said Mila. "But that's no reason to join the other side?" I said. "Well too bad!" Said Mila. "Listen, if you want them to stop, just tell them. But nicely obviously." I said. "I'm not falling for your baby plan." Said Mila. "But do you think that the people that are trapped need to be freed?" I asked." "Well duuu, their innocent!" Said Mila. "Then join us!" I said. "Well…I donno." Said Mila. "We will give you the cake that Friendship2468 didn't want." "Ok, ok, I'll join you. Only because of the cake." Said Mila.

Chapter 11
"So how do we ditch these guys?" Asked Mila. "Oh! How about we do one of those fake fights?" I asked. "Sure" said Mila. We went out of the corner so everyone could see us fight. "Are you ready to lose?" Asked Mila. "I'm only ready to win" I said. Then we started it, we made it look real. We did one of those fighting and walking out of there at the same time. The girls followed us out of the tower, then we stopped. "Nice show." Said KawaiiRose as we got out. "Thanks we both said." "We have to get a much bigger plan to rescue everyone in the dungeon." Said StarryDream. Then we went back to my house to figure out with a much bigger plan.

Chapter 12
"Anyone got any ideas?" Asked PerfectPanda. "How about we use a rope to climb up the tower." Said Mila. Then Sweetlina face timed us. "Hi Sweetlina" I said. "Did you guys find a way to get us?" Asked Sweetlina. "Well…" I started to say. "Who's she?" Asked Sweetlina. "I'm Mila, I ditched the other side." Said Mila. "But what if she will ditch us?" Asked Sweetlina. "She will not, she sweated she shouldn't tell anyone." I said. "Anyways, how's everyone in there?" Asked StarryDream. "Bad, they serve you rotten food." Said Sweetlina. "Eeww" said Kitkat26. "Ya, it's gross." Said Sweetlina. "Anyways how are you going to get us?" Asked

Chapter 13 (credit to @Silverdolphin for the idea)
"Oh, I got an idea! Wee could dress up as new recruiters to join the other side, they made an about ment about that 3 days ago." Said Mila. "Great idea! But how are we going to get those uniforms?" I asked. "I got some backups." Said Mila. "But what about the other ones?" Asked PerfectPanda24. "I'm going to leave you guys to deal with that." Said Sweetlina, then she hung up. "But some I don't have." Said Mila. "It's ok, we could just go to the mall." I said.

Chapter 14 this is kinda off topic but I had to XD
We went to the mall and we picked out the clothes. We had to pick the black and red clothes. Some had the black sweatshirt, but on the hood it had a bright red monster on it. Some had a black sneakers but when you walk it makes a duck noise, but eventually we found the correct uniforms. We paid, and we went to my house. then, we went to the tower.

Chapter 15 last chapter
"Password" said the voice. "Password" said Poptart0219. We went in and Friendship2468 was teaching them a class. "Hey, your late" she said. We went and sat on the floor. "Now, find a parter, and FIGHT!" She said. We went into a group to discouse the next phase of our plan. "Ok, when it's our break, let's head up to the dungeon and free everyone." Said Mila. "Great, which is when?" Asked NightcoreStudios. "BREAK!" Yelled KVJ. "Ok, now's are time." Said Hermione. We snuck up to the top of the tower, but we found KVJ there. "What are you guys doing up here?" Said KVJ with Sweetlina's dungeon behind him. Sweetlina was mouthing 'help me.' "Well, I'm here to do this." Said Mila, then she starting fighting with KVJ. Everyone kept on watching how Mila was fighting KVJ and KVJ fighting back. On that time, KoolM123 went behind KVJ, and got the keys from his pocket. She passed it to me and KawaiiRose. All of us started unlocking the dungeons while Mila was fighting KVJ. "Finish him!" Said FascinatingTreehouse while ThePickle was getting a bag of popcorn. Mila brought the fight into the dungeon, she went out, and she locked KVJ in. "Great! Now let's get the rest of them." Said Sweetlina. We went down with all the people that were in the dungeon. "Password" said the voice again, and we all said "password." We all went in and took all of them down, even Friendship2468. Each of got 2 Other Siders and locked them up along with KVJ. I got an email on my phone. It was from Liza.

"Good news! We are back in Hopscotch, and the forum! Thanks to everyone who helped us out to get Hopscotch back. We are on to make a huge update for Hopscotch!

Thank you for your feedback

We went back to my house with everyone. "Well hopefully we will see each other soon." Said Kitkat26. "Me to" said Mila. "Come by any time." I said, "I love adventures."

HOPCOTCH DOES NOT COST ANYTHING! (Unless you want new features)
Let's start a business! (Under construction)
Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)
The team against System (book 2 of my series)

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