The IQ Challenge! Status: Round Two in progress!



Hi, I'm hosting a contest called the IQ Challenge. It has general ability questions in it and will increase difficulty as we go along! the first ten people to answer this question can be in: If 20 men need 3 hrs to build a three storey building, then how long will it take for 40 men to build a 4 storey building? ( assume each storey is built at the same rate ) good luck :slightly_smiling:


My answer

2 hrs

Just wondering, is this Hopscotch related in anyway? (Like prizes on Hopscotch, rounds on there, something like that..)


Yes rounds are on hopscotch. And surprise prize for the winner.


2 hrs @JaszyKake
30 mins per story


When I get more entries then I will tell who is in :wink:


2 hours! That's my answer!


Oh ok!
Just making sure that it is hopscotch related so it doesn't get flagged! :relaxed:


I made one of the rounds already it's in my drafts not publishing yet :wink: btw make sure you remix on hopscotch for the next rounds! :wink:


My work and answer

X 4
Okay, this is confusing, but I may get it.
Okay, 40 รท 4= 10.
Each story is 30 mins according to not me. This is SOOO confusing.
40x4= 160. 160 รท 60= 2.66666666667. The two represents 2 hours.
2 hours.


It will take the 40 men 2 hours to to build a 4 story building.


Can you not put your working on here...I don't want people to see :wink:


I need a few more people to enter,!!!!!!!! Anyway, here are the rules:
You must remix on hopscotch off MY project :wink:
If no one can see my projects then I will post the link here.
Only 10 people allowed
You have 24 hours per question
10 rounds
If you get it wrong you are eliminated
If all people get it right then last one to remix is eliminated
They start from level 1 to level 10 :wink:
Good luck


@friendship2468 wow you made that really complicated


2 hrs


I wanted to prove I actually did it, but I don't really don't get why it's 30 minutes a story. Bleh meh. For all I know, people could be copying us!


Who's in? CFP reference #GoClemson


My answer: 2hrs


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Anymore people????202020202020022


@JaszyKake what's your "name" in hopscotch.