The iPad Collab (minion: dun-dun-duuuuuuunnnn)📱 MUSICIAN NEEDED!



Hey guys!

I want to make a collab about making an iPad! I know it's been ,are before, but I want to work together to make it: (minion: dun-dun-duunnnnnnn!) game changing!

So why not make it a collab?

I'm going to have 3 coders to work with me, one musician, one beta tester, and one artist. So that will be 6 plus me is 7.

If you would like to join put your Hopscotch username below. People will be chosen at 11:30 PM Eastern (if I'm not available then it'll be tomorrow).

Thanks and Happy Hopscotching!

Coder 1- @RobotPro
2- @friendship2468
3- @RubyStars
4- @Deadfr
5- @Aes2015

Artists- @battledog and @tankt2016 (changed it to two)

Beta Tester- @Intellection74

Musician- @Dude73


Bumping this back up to the top


Ok..... Nobody wants to join?


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I might join! I have to read the rest first. I just saw the first line.


Ok, can I test or code? And what do you mean by artist?


When I say artist, I mean the person that covers the decorations


@Intellection74 you've been entered. People will be chosen in twenty minutes


Can i join anything?????? Please


Did you read the topic?


Yes .....ohhhhh my username is xboxboy can i be a coder


I will choose in 15 minutes


Ok then, I can test, code, or erm, cover the decor.


Choose one of them


Am i in or not Mind:please say yes please


I choose in ten minutes.





I will send invites to people


I can maybe..........


Ok it's 11:30

I want @RubyStars
And @Intellection74
To all reply and say here.