The iOS tip of the week!


So this is something I've been thinking of doing! It's an "iOS tip of the week"! So every week, I will post a new tip for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod! Anyways, I start my first post here:

Tip number 1:
Ever wonder why the timer in the clocks app goes by minutes? For example, you put in: set timer for 1 minutes, or 2 minutes. You can't set it for 1 minutes and 30 seconds, or 25 seconds, or anything like that! Well, if you have Siri, then you can just ask her to set a timer for that long!

My next tip will be next week! :wink:


Is this related to hopscotch?

Cool tip tho!


It's tech related, so yeah!


That's like having a Minecraft topic. It's tech related so we're just allowed to talk about it?
Sorry if this is rude!


No, it's not rude! But I'm pretty sure we're allowed to have an iOS tip of the day topic, if there are bullyin.g topics.


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This is a cool topic, I can't wait to read more tips. It is related because if you want to do a 30 second code/draw challenge or something else on Hopscotch that there is a tip for. Keep making great topics! :)


Thanks rainbow galaxy! :pray:


You're welcome! :D


Awesome c:


Pretty cool bro!

I will use this technique



I have a really cool trick! Tag me if you want me to tell it.


Awesome topic! That tip is really cool, I never knew that =D Do you find these out by yourself?


Awesome topic! I never knew this was possible!


Awesome topic! I never knew this was possible! (Exactly what @SmileyAlyssa said)
Can we do this trick at IOS 9.3.5 too?


@William04GamerA Tell it please


@William04GamerA please share it!


I'm pretty sure it can be done on iOS 9.3.5!


I do find these out myself! I just explore the device! The way I found oh this one was just, "hey, siri's smart! Maybe I can get her to set a timer with second intervals!" And it worked!


Wow, that is so cool! I wish the default timer had this :wink: