The Interception Poll! [Please Vote]



Hey guys! I had a really cool idea just now! What if, for my new game "The Interception" you could pick a team based on real hopscotchers! So, who do you think should have a team named after them?

  • SmileyAlyssa
  • MagmaPOP
  • Valgo
  • Follow4LikesOfficial
  • CreationsOfaNoob
  • Funky63
  • Rawrbear
  • OrangeScent
  • LotsaPizza
  • PopTart0219
  • Kiwicute2016
  • Bananadog
  • CreativeCoder
  • RenegadeBird
  • A Happy Coder
  • hansonnoah
  • Gilbert189
  • SmilingSnowflakes
  • PurpleHawk


You may choose up to 3 options.


Don't forget [/poll] at the end :wink:


I know I fixed it :wink:


Can you add me my hopscotch is Vanillapowder I'm your advertiser!:wink:


Squad Anonymous! XD


@UptownStudios :slight_smile:


Can you add me plz!@uptownstudios


The poll won't work! I clicked @Lotapizza not @PopTart0219


I want me to be in it


Ok so, I have the results and am starting to make the teams now. PS There were some people I already had in mind for this