The Inspiration Topic!


Hey there hopscotchers! Have you ever read an inspirational quote? Such a quote here. or .insert another quote here.? Well, I want to make a place where if someone happened, whether it was on hopscotch or not, I can make a topic with quotes to perhaps help you wind down, and occasionally some games or art that I might make on hopscotch to help you wind down, and I'm always free to talk when you feel like you need to :slight_smile: this is where I will do all of that! Remember, I'm always free to talk when you need to :slight_smile:


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Noice! A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

But there's kinda already a topic about this..


nice topic!

But there is already a topic like this one!

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This topic is basically that topic, but not just with random quotes I find, but also games that I make or art that I draw to perhaps calm and I can talk here also :slight_smile: the title is similar (and so is the topic lol) but it has some added features I like to say :wink:




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We can't change the direction of the wind but we can adjust our sails! :D

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Stars can't





Interesting. Still, to get inspiration, you must work hard for a long time, even if you are a "natural born" genius. So, even if what you think or do or make is top-notch excellent original, you don't get to be inspired. Because you can't simply earn it with just hard work and long hours. And despite hard work, you probably won't deserve it anyway.

And you can't control inspiration. It's like some sort of physical or mental state, or an illness, or a fit, like.

Besides that, it doesn't happen to autonomous, free or independent people, but, as an essay expert I came to understand inspiration passes through individuals, sort of like a big dinner, I imagine. The space program is an example of an inspirational thing. Inspiration must be in the beholder's eye because some would say the space program is a make-work, a big expensive, useless boondoggle in the sky.

How about this for inspiration: skip the work, autonomy and the feeling of lack of control. Inspiration comes from having a human brain and the human need to make things and the human desire for beauty and order. That implies that every human being is capable of being inspired. That doesn't fit into the model of a "revolutionary, countercultural and spiritual phenomenon".

But a solitary person can have an original thought, can devise an ingeneous tool, can sing a wholly unique song, in her mud hut village somewhere nowhere, and it won't change a thing in the bigger world, but is no less inspiration.