The Infotchers- Story


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Chapter One

I was walking down the block, using my phone to go on the forum. When I walk past this house, orange, brown, and red, I hear a young girl crying. She sounds ten. I take a peek inside the window. She's home alone, and she's on the forum as well. I try and see what topic she is in. She's in a general topic. It appears to be StarryDream's general topic. Someone is yelling at her for spelling something incorrectly and for telling them to stop because it makes her uncomfortable. I look at her username. Her username is friendship2468. I stare in disbelief. I'm not helping her. I cannot trust this girl. I walk to my friend's house, and Zachy welcomes me in. We talk about the forum and people who are annoying as heck. Then he brings up friendship.
"The clique of rude and suspended people should literally be IP banned. Ella, friendship, percyjackson9, yellowmellow, smilinshmagna, those people."
I think of other rude people that are rude to them. Why are they so rude in the first place?
The next day is HopCon. Everyone on the forum is going. I'm so excited! As I walk up to the guy who lets us in, I see him giving Ella and friendship the evil eye and they walk in. This is very confusing.
When I get in, Liza seems to be separating us into groups.
"Anonymous, you go into the group with all the popular people, Ella, you go into the Infotchers group, TFS, you go into the weird kids group--"
WHy is Liza making kids feel like this by grouping them into these groups? As I walk to the popular kids group, I see the Infotchers being put into this weird cage of some sort, and I'm curious to see what's happening. A sign on the cage says, "Throw Food At These Disgusting Beings." Starry seems pleased with this, as she is throwing eggs in friendship's hair. I can see the tears in her eyes, streaming down her face, wishing life could just end and that her friends wouldn't listen to Liza and they wouldn't throw food at her or her group. Even Maltese was throwing tomatoes and such, but she wasn't pleased. In fact, she looked like she thought she was sinning! As I picked up a nice and hard apple to throw, I noticed that Percy and Friendship wore glasses. They had their glasses in their cases in their pockets so they wouldn't get broken or damaged. I looked down at my apple and wondered if it was worth it. I didn't want to get banned from Hopscotch, so I threw the apple at Ella. Ella started bleeding. I was applauded, and I felt almost horrible. I realized Yellow Mellow and SmilishMagna had deleted Hopscotch so they weren't even there, and it was just three people that everybody hates. SmilingSnowflakes was trying to talk Liza out of this whole throwing food thing, but she wouldn't listen. After SS lost the conversation, Liza took away the food and made us throw sticky liquids at them. Ella and Percy were shouting cuss words at us. Friendship looked away, trying to keep the tears from coming. I felt terrible, but I had to do what Liza wanted. She let us come closer to the cage and do whatever we wanted. Some people took advantage of this and flashed their Favorite cards in front of them, and made fun of them. I had to do what Liza told me to or else I'd be kicked off of Hopscotch, so I smashed eggs on Friendship's face, which made her cry. I was applauded and awarded a Favorite card. I was sick to my stomach. Suddenly, the cage vanished and so did all the throwing items. The kids were cleaned and washed off immediately, and HopCon started for everyone then. Friendship went to the nearest corner and cried, while Starry, TRC, and Waddle mocked her.
"You'll never be favorited or have any friends, you pathetic loser!"
Friendship pulled out something and whispered these jumbled words that I couldn't make out of. I was unsure of what was happening.
Suddenly, the place we were in for HopCon turned into a field. Friendship, Ella, and Percy were placed in the middle of the field. We were supposed to tackle or punch them. When it started, I was about to run when I saw an Anonymous mask go up in the air. The Poodlecorp symbol was bursting out of Liza.
"We have hacked your servers and are hacking you for the greater good."

Chapter Two

Everyone screamed. We were surprised that Anonymous was actually showing up. I looked at Liza, lying on the ground coughing, while PoodleCorp and Anonymous were fighting for the servers. PoodleCorp seemed to be trying to delete Hopscotch, while Anonymous was trying to keep them from doing so. Rodrigo told us all to get out and get to safety. I had no idea where to go. Percy and Friendship were bumping into things, as their glasses weren't on, so I grabbed their hands and had them run with me. When we were out of the building, i had them put on their glasses. Suddenly, SS called me.
"Hello, SS, where do we go?"
"Run to the Binary Forest."
I took out the Google Maps app on my phone and typed in Binary Forest. We were a half mile away from it. We ran there and met up with the other Hops.
Friendship stopped in her tracks when we got there.
"Where is Ella?"
Lollypopcorn raised her hand, saying, "Ella is sitting next to me."
I ran and sat down next to my friends, while Percy and Friendship sat next to Murphy and Pix, discussing memes.
"They are so weird," StarryDream said as she passed around her Doritos for us to share, because in our friend group, we usually shared our food.
Anonymous came in late with CodingCupcake and sat down next to Friendship, Percy, Murphy, and Pix, and they discussed memes, rap music, and Anonymous was trying to sell candy again.
Ella got up, feeling uncomfortable, and moved away from us and sat next to Friendship.
"Their group is so weird. All they talk about is memes and they fight a lot," Shamrock said.
"I agree," replied TheRealBlah. "I am not sitting next to Murphy because of her weird friends."
I looked down and didn't reply to the conversation. I was fine staying out of this rude conversation, let alone this drama and gossip.

Chapter Three

We have finished our small group talk and now we have to get lunch from a small place in the woods. Starry is laughing at some people, yet again. I see people storm away from her, yelling curse words at her and holding up the finger. Starry mocks them. Shamrock and her start laughing. I walk over to Starry. I am sick of the disrespect.
"Can we talk?" I violently ask her.
We walk over the the tree and I stare her deep in her eyes.
"Why are you making fun of them? What's your problem?"
She looks at me as if I had just sinned. She gives me a disgusting look.
"I make fun of them, because I hate them. I have problems with them because they are not good or nice like me!"
"Starry, you aren't nice at all. Stop lying," I angrily reply.
She says to me, "Fine. We won't be friends anymore if you have a problem with me. Guess I better start treating you like dirt too!" She yells at me. She stormed away after that.
Gilbert and Kiwi finally got the lunch. We all chose what we wanted to eat and went to sit with our friends.
I went to sit down next to my friends, but TRC held her hand out and said, "You're not allowed to be friends with us anymore," and she pushed me away.
My mouth wide open, I got up and tried to find a group to sit with. Not the Jumpyducks, not the leaders, not my old group, not the nerds, not the unnoticed. There was only one group left that was the last group I wanted to sit with; The Infamous And Off-Topics.
I carefully walked over to them.
"May I sit with you guys for today? My old friends don't want to be friends anymore because I told me to stop making fun of people," I asked.
Their eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights.
"Of course, please do!" they exclaimed. I sat down next to Pix, since I didn't know the rest very well.
I saw they were eating chicken legs, apples, chocolate milk, and Doritos. Anonymous was trying to sell candy again, so Friendship paid him a dollar for sixteen Jolly Ranchers.
Murphy took blue and pink cupcakes out of her bag.
The group smirked.
Pix handed out white t-shirts for them to put on.
They got into a wide circle by the left top corner of the place where we were eating, and before BAS could stop them, they yelled, "FOOD FIGHT!"
They ran into each other and smashed cupcakes on each others' face, body, all over the place. I stayed out of it and watched. It looked fun, but I knew they were gonna get in trouble. Now they were tackling. Then they all came up at the same time and started running all over the place, almost stepping on food and other people. Starry got up in disgust and grabbed all of their collars on their shirts and set them up against the trees. She made them take off the white shirts and rub the cupcake off their hands. Their faces were clean as well as their hair. She got TRC, Shamrock, and TRB (Blah), and gave them each a suspicious can.
Gilbert got up and asked them what in the world they were doing.
Someone pushed him backwards.
Starry and her squad tied them to the trees before they could escape.
Hops took their foods out and put them in a basket Starry had.
There was silence.
"Who wants to punish these santanic little devils?" she asked.
There was a long silence.
Snoopy got up and took a can of pepper spray. The Infotchers gasped.
Then Maltese and Smiling.
Then PopTart.
The pepper sprays were gone now. Each person had one.
The Infotchers looked scared.
Starry counted down as they readied their cans.
"...1," she calmly said, and then in two seconds, the Infotchers were trying to cover their eyes but they had no hands to use, as they were tied to the tree.
Screams of pain came from them. Tears fell down. They were so embarrased, as Hops were laughing at them.
Phase got up from the crowd and pretended to kiss Friendship so Starry would accidentally spray him. He untied her ropes while Maltese, Smiling, and Snoopy sprayed Starry and her crew in their faces. PopTart helped Phase untie the people while the former Mods and Leaders quickly gave em small essential backpacks.
"RUN! Run away from them now!" Kiwi yelled.
Gilbert gave me a pack too and told me to go with them and make sure they were safe. I got a Walkie-Talkie, even though I had a phone. I bolted with the Infotchers as fast as I could down the woods.
When we got to a far enough place, I couldn't hear the Hops anymore.


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This is absolutely amazing. I love how "I" was portrayed as the bully, the perpetrator, and of course, the antagonist. Because is was how I acted towards those infamous people, when I was a "nice" person. Not to justify them, but I could understand them now.


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