The Impossible Quiz question requests!



I am working on "The Impossible Quiz," with probably 100+ questions! I am asking if anyone has any questions that they would like to be in the game! You will be shown in the credits if you request one and it makes it (90% chance you will) into the game.
I do not want to spoil it.
That gets the project deleted from Hopscotch. Plus, it's not kid-friendly.
Always check if there is already a request for the same question (no loopholes)


Answer in another topic, I will make it.


@MobCraft what do you mean answer in other topic? I gave you the answer! That is why I deleted it once you liked :confused:


And @Hoppertoscotch, I am going to do it with x and y coords, it worked for another question, but if I have major problems, I'll use a different emoji for it.
And also, to make sure that people that come here won't see it, it will be in one called "Impossible Quiz Private Info," though I could put it on another website, or just have them be here.
EDIT: Put them here.


where do I put my idea?


its a riddle but.. here
What has a bed but never sleeps,
What has water but never drinks,
What has a eye but never sees?


How about a "Who stole the apple" question? (Kinda like that "who stole the cookie" thing)


What's 9+10?

What's the capital of Winihahooheha?

What's the answer to this question?

What's the answer to life and everything?

If a hippo is a chair, what is a rhino?

Why is Shia LeBeouf bald?

Should I do it?

Why should I do it?

Is this question impossible?

Is the illuminati confirmed?

Yeah, that's a lot of questions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Here's a question:
what does "deoxy ribo nucleic" acid stand for?

good luck on that one!


You should do some questions from the real "The Impossible Quiz" game. Maybe the one where the question is "how many letters in his hand?" and it has a little graphic of a hand with letters in it (see: Wiki page about this)


Got the 1st one already.


Type it here. If you type the answer, delete it after I like it (that means I've looked at it)


Spoilers for 9+10 @Rawrbear:


DNA @MobCraft (20202020)


@AHappyCoder what do you mean by DNA (in know what it is, though how is "DNA" a question?


Its and anser @Stampys_fans


Thanks! @AHappyCoder


Kinda too obvious for sciency and not-as sciency-but-still-sciency people.


What's 9+10?
Dude, please do it. Lol