The Impossible Quiz Comp!

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The Impossible Quiz Competition!

You might already know that I’m making an impossible quiz, and you also might already know that I made a topic just like this one. But because that one failed completely, I’m trying again!

The rules are simple:

  1. It has to be appropriate, of course
  2. It can’t take too long to complete
  3. It has to be possible
  4. It has be a riddle, or a mini game, but if you want to do something tag me here with your idea :slight_smile:
  5. It has to be by yourself unless you’re doing a collab (you can’t copy someone else)
  6. You can make up to 5 questions.

:1st_place_medal: 1st place: 3 plants and 75 Rini gems.
:2nd_place_medal:2nd place: 2 plants and 62 Rini gems.
:3rd_place_medal:3rd place: 1 plant and 50 Rini gems.

Details about Rini gems are in my bio

You will get 5 Rini gems every question you submit that will get in the game regardless if you’re in the top 3, top 3 awards will be additional to participation gems.

And your question/project will most likely get in my Impossible Quiz game!
Note: If that happens, then the question you made will have a text box saying “Created by (your HS username)”.

Deadline: 2021-09-15T05:00:00Z

Now for the most important part:

Would you like to join?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Accidentally voted

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Tell me if I’m missing something please :slightly_smiling_face:




When you mean by not too long, as in how many riddles maximum?


No, I mean it shouldn’t take like 30 minutes to complete 1 question lol


Oh right xD


Poll is closing tomorrow everyone!

@FRENCH_WAVE123 can you edit into the op “Details about Rini gems are in my bio” at the end of the rewards list?

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How’s this?

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@TrueHarryPotterLover and @9puppygirl seems like you are the only two participants. Also the comp has started!


12 more days!

has anyone started working on this?

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I can’t do it

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Oh yeah I forgot about this it ended 6 days ago whoops

Anyways, does anyone have something for this?

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Oop I forgot this existed

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I’ll increase the deadline to 2021-10-02T05:00:00Z if no one is ready yet

I don’t think I will be doing this
I struggle making a project when there is a short deadline

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Ok that’s fine

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