The impossible quiz (CHRISTMAS EDITION)


Hi everyone! I'm going to attempt to make a Christmas impossible quiz before Christmas, but there is no way I will be able to finish it without the help of you. Therefore I need question suggestions!
Must be holiday related
Must be appropriate
Must be difficult/funny
Can't give answer suggestions to the questions (so there's no spoilers)

If all of these are met there is a VERY good chance you will have your question seen on the Christmas impossible quiz!
P.S. below the question in will say "submitted by randomperson"
aka you will be credited

Happy holidays, as well as happy thinking:smile:


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19 + 20 ^ 50 divided by 100




How many days are in Christmas?


0, because "days" cannot be found in "Christmas".

Maybe a wrong answer would be 12, because of the song.


Santa Who?
(Doctor Who reference)

The answer is...

Doctor Who?


@hopscotch_king that is very offense to Christans


Who ate the cookie?


:santa: he's in the top left at invisibility 99% when you tap the closet (but 100 before)