The implementation of new fonts

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

A new font system (a system where you can select a font for a text instead of having to use Helvetica all the time) – maybe at least 3 new fonts

I’d use it for this type of project:

Design for Hopscotch projects

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this:

  • More creative looks in Hopscotch and more options for design @Rodrigo

Here is an example design I’ve made:

Feature does not exist yet

I’ve seen something similar in another programming language, it looks like this:

Except this could be changed through both a block and a drop down that doesn’t require the Hopscotcher to code first

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I would really like this because currently you need to use websites like i2symbol. These are annoying because even though they have numbers, they aren’t compatible with variables, so if you want to have a row of numbers in a cool font, you need to individually code each number.

This would be an amazing idea.


I believe you can copy and paste and Unicode symbol into an HS project


Problem with that is, the new text rendering system (webplayer 25+) is a shredder and splits the text and doesn’t let you change the color, so it really isn’t practical


But a lot of people don’t konw how to do this in hs and putting a font system results in differently designed projects and not the only use of the Helvetica font

Btw @awesome_e i found something useful and gets past the hopscotch shredder and has a lot more options:


Ok but think a bit… this might take years because it would be a completely style redesign, and have you checked the files for the web player? These would have to be totally redesigned… so it would take lots of time to do this


What do you mean?

I meant for hopscotch to only add like 4 fonts or something, 25 is definitely overwhelming


This would be cool!



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I agree, it’s a good idea!


I´m not really sure, because THT gets the font from somewhere now (most likely from a font file or something similar). If that is the case, they most likely just have to implement option to select what font file to put in (among pre-loaded files with fonts).


Ok, thanks for answering

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i agree, some people don’t have access to other fonts so it would be useful

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I think HS uses Avenir. And I agree to add more fonts.


Great idea!

I agree that this should be implemented.

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I agree. I get tired of making my own bold text each time. I wish it could just be implemented immediately.


Yeah and it will add more distinction and uniqueness between projects.

You can choose fonts that match the theme of your project.

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