The Idea Topic: New Game


Ok. I'm ready to announce that I am going to take ideas for a new game: Counting Sheep: Hurdles. If you have any requests, tag me and put @JessieCA, I think____ would be cool in the new game. Thank you!

This is a sneak peak of the game!:grinning:


I think you should move the eye about 15 pixels to the left and 15 pixels up :s


I agree with @AHappyCoder
I also think you should make the head and legs lighter. Other than that, it looks great! Good idea!


add pink sheep. with bonus points


Awesome, thank you for the advice.


@Snoopy, what do you think I should add for music and art? (You can also put other ideas out besides those two...)


Maybe you can get new coat colors for 'points', which you earn by playing the game!

jagged was here :0


It's so cute! Maybe you can add a barn as the background? Otherwise, I love it! For music, ask @Anonymous! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the idea!


I bet the Olym-pig Comittee will love all of your ideas!


Getting Closer...


The last part I need is music. Are you ready, @Anonymous?


I finished the project with music. Thank you for all of the support and be sure to leave a like. Also, if you remix, a podium edition will be made with the top,three scores!


Looks nice to moi! What will the game be about?


It's an Olympic Hurdles game with sheep! Or should I say Olym-pig! :pig:


Is it published yet?


Yes! So feel free to play and like!



It's an unending game XD

I love it :DDDD

Also, have you seen this?

You have a fan acc. :3


I know! I'm so happy about that!


Your lucky ;-;